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  1. I have just seen this issue on the 5.2-rc integration branch, to get mmc booting I needed to ensure I did try to remount any disks from fstab (it would crash here). When I did get it to boot if I pushes the mmc hard it hung (waiting on mmc) and load slowly increased with a lot of io wait. SD card does not have this issue. and usb seems fine. Trying to find a solution and this looks interesting which I am yet to try... https://lkml.org/lkml/2019/5/23/574 Edit: the problem can occur with sd card as well after some time, will try the patch above Edit: mmc / sd problems seem to have disappeared wtih patch above
  2. I didn't see the emmc issue on N2 with the 5.0 based kernel, and I did try a few different emmc's & sd's. I'm currently trying to see what minimal patches I need to apply to 5.2-rc to have a booting kernel.
  3. I had an attempt and building mainline uboot, adding in the N2 support and building the ATF firmware to run uboot. I did not have uboot working (some issues not long after uboot is started, I think I missed reserving memory) but I did manage to work out how to format the amlogic firmware to start uboot. It was a bit more complex and messy than the C2 process but can be scripted easy enough I believe, we would need some compiled blobs from the hardkernel git still I think for the moment as in the C2. I will keep trying uboot as baylibre add support for the g12a there. Would be nice to have mainline running on the SPI as many more possible features for booting images.
  4. I tried to add bsp uboot support but failing to compile the BL301 as it requires a 2nd old toolchain and I don't favor the complexity it will add in lib/compiler.sh. Maybe I can use something similar to https://github.com/armbian/odroidc2-blobs instead. I also took a look at the mainline uboot changes from baylibre you linked, I think this will be the way to go as it means no downloading old toolchains if I can also make something like https://github.com/armbian/odroidc2-blobs for the builder to use.
  5. OK thanks guys, I will make a start and see how it goes., will take me a few days. I notice -next is linux-4.19.y which will be more difficult than a 5.0 release but I should be able to muster up patches for 4.19.y easy enough I am hoping. Is there a planned schedule for -next to go to 5.x? It will need some patches on top of meson64 for the moment but should eventually be fully supported with Meson64 kernel.
  6. I know this is not the correct area (I have no permissions to post there) but i'm looking to add some basic support for Odroid N2 (and a mainline linux kernel) which others can help utilise for development purposes. Its very early stages as the board was released to testers only weeks ago and for the moment only vendor uboot is working so what is best practice here for Armbian? The old Odroid C2 way of things with uboot might some back for a bit as much as I would like it or not. Baylibre and Neil Armstrong have made a very good start (Thanks Neil!!!!) with alpha style patches for 5.0 and N1. Although there priorities will be working to implement a similar SOC, the g12a. Much of this work (and their previous work on amlogic drivers) appear to work with g12b (Odroid N2). https://gitlab.com/superna9999/linux/commits/amlogic/v5.1/g12b I would think to aim at -next, armbian -dev or 5.1, have a very basic working kernel with minimal support at the moment running a hardkernel vanilla ubuntu.... - mmc working - hdmi working - USB limited to usb2 devices only (usb3 on its way) - Ethernet working with kernel config mods (not irq, only polled but works relatively well) - sd seems to have issues but maybe my card/setup - much untested Thanks, Brad.
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