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  1. The memory controller for the h6 is 32 bits, 4gb may be there but only 3 will ever be usable. Which is why they are being sold as 2gb/3gb options.
  2. Built Armbian_5.77_Pineh64_Ubuntu_bionic_dev_5.0.2.img today. Looked to have a clean boot, working video, full 3gb ram available, Ethernet working, Wi-fi working. Can play with it more later, but it is looking pretty good.
  3. I have a 3GB ram model and only 2GB looks to be seen/reported, i am assuming this is due to an out of date u-boot/kernel and i wasn't shipped a 2gb model........ Trying to do a build via vagrant now.
  4. Yeah, Actually i tested the latest Stretch H64 image and it works sans Ethernet as expected but is hit and miss on boot with it crashing on boot about ~ 50-70% of the time. Started reading the docs and working through building a new image using vagrant, time permitting.
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  6. If any help is needed in testing, or getting the OS on this board up and running i would be glad to help. been interested in learning more about the internals of Armbian and its build structure and just received one of these boards to tinker with, happy to lend a hand.