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  1. Here is the log, i can't upload it to the paste bin... armbianmonitor -U
  2. It seems i can't see the url when i'm performing this command, it start from line 4131 or something when i scroll to the top of the window with putty. Is there a buffer setting somewhere i can change to see the whole output?
  3. Orange pi pc plus. i have this crazy logs with latest buster regarding the RTL871X wifi chip, it consume up to 5 megs a day on each kern.log, messages and syslog. what can i do to turn this off? my opi's are in the wild and i do have to connect via cellular to check logs at time via vpn and it's not cool to transfer that much data. Thanks.messages
  4. O.K. , after further investigations it seems that commenting out the line with "auto" in "/etc/network interfaces" cure the problem as at boot, the O.S. won't try to do whatever with the device i named "gprs" (my usb cell dongle) #auto gprs allow-hotplug gprs iface gprs inet ppp provider gprs Now everything is good.
  5. That's exactly the case: 5.30' U-Boot transplant into 5.75 wthout anything plugged won't boot. Tried with 2 differents boards. will try with lower versions just for see...
  6. Sadly this doesn't work for me it falls into an eternal boot again without anything plugged in. tried with 5.30's U-Boot and latest armbian fresh install, changed password, made user pi, no updates, saved U-boot, swapped OS, same thing, changed pw, made user pi and put back U-Boot, tried with 2 differents OPI an PSU.
  7. Awsome, thanks. This would fix my problem. May i ask for a little guidance on this? I looked a bit on how to do this and i'm a bit at loss...
  8. Unfortunately i don't have time to get those feet any wetter than this... The only way to get out of this is to roll back, i'll try the 5.30 image from the archives. I tried the raspian image for OPI and it works, should i stay with that or Jessy 5.30? My use of this SBC is only to get values from a PLC via Node-red and sent to MQTT if it works it will stay as is without updates as nothing will change in this setup. Thanks for helping Martin.
  9. Well, i never played with U-Boot is there some good tutorial you can recomand? Also i presume we shall consider this a bug and it's not being adressed since 5.38 at least (just tried it on another OPI that ia had and it worked) and no one seems to experienced this based on a quick search. Is anybody having a 3g dongle could duplicate this? Thanks to all.
  10. Original power supply that comes with the OPI kit also tried with my home made atx power supply and industrial regulated psu all 5.2 v and 3A. Strange that it works with 5.35...
  11. I don't have one actually (gonna get one this week) but here's a picture of the boot message
  12. Hello, i'M having this issue with the latest Armbian 5.75 stretch image with updated firmware. When booting with a huwei E303 modem is in the usb port the board fall in a eternal reboot. if i let the board boot as normal an then insert the modem everything is o.k. I tried with 4 others OPI PC+ and others E303 sticks, same thing. also tried with 5.65, same problem. BUT, with an earlier version 5.35 and it boots as normal.
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