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  1. Contemplating whether or not I should pull the trigger and buy a new camera. Images were taken with an OV5640 camera attached to an orange pi PC. The first image is a good image, then after a few hours of use I start getting issues; reading images either times out and/or results in corrupted images. (Note: All images were rotated 90 degrees clockwise) https://imgur.com/a/LEyl1h9
  2. Unfortunately I don't have spares of either right now, but I'll think about getting another one for testing. Have you had problems with the CSI connectors getting loose over time and needing to be reseated?
  3. I recently got my OV5640 camera working with an orange pi PC board, but I've found that after a while of leaving it powered on unused, I'm unable to access /dev/video0. When it's in this non-working state, trying to access /dev/video0 results in the following in dmesg: [ 99.571841] [OV5640@lex]CSI_SUBDEV_STBY_OFF! [ 99.608221] [OV5640@lex]enable oe! [ 99.609039] [OV5640@lex]sensor write retry=2 [ 99.609050] [OV5640@lex]error at sensor_write_array [ 99.609058] [OV5640@lex]enable oe falied! [ 99.609847] [OV5640@lex]sensor write retry=2 [ 99.609856] [OV5640@lex]error
  4. [UPDATE] Finally got it working; here's the new script.fex. Also need to remember to run: sunxi-pio -m "PA17<1><0><1><1>" # AVDD / CSI_PWR_EN sunxi-pio -m "PG13<1><0><1><1>" # DOVDD / AFCC_EN before loading ov5640 and vfe_v4l2. The opencv error is still there though, so i'll have to figure out a workaround to pipe the image data in from ffmpeg or something.
  5. Hi everyone, I bought this Orange Pi PC with this OV5640 5MP camera module. I've been following the other threads online for directions on getting it to work, and I'm up to the point where there exists a /dev/video0 entry, but I'm unable to use it through avafinger's cap-v4l2 program, opencv, or fswebcam. The best I can get is a black image from it. What I've done so far: Editted the [twi2] and [csi0] sections of my script.fex file, converted it back to script.bin with fex2bin sudo modprobe ov5640 sudo modprobe vfe_v4l2 this is the outp