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  1. Hi, I need to use the GPIO of the orange pi, is there a library that i can use to program my aplications in java or python? Is pi4j an good option? Can i use it with orange pi plus 2?
  2. Cool, I installed the system in the internal memory. What can I do about the browser now? He was a little faster to open, but navigation is still a bit heavy.
  3. Hello. I had no time to use the script to install the EMMC memory yet. But I opened the script and in the beginning I came across the following line: if cat / proc / cpuinfo | grep -q 'sun4i'; Then DEVICE_TYPE = "a10"; else DEVICE_TYPE = "a20"; fi # Determine device I have a Orange pi plus 2, with h3 processor, this script is for him? Tomorrow I will try anyway, but if you can save my time with the answer I thank you.
  4. Hi, I got a "Orange Pi Plus 2" and installed armbian in it: It is necessary that the operation of the web browser becomes more fluid, do I need this in my application. I need another browser version? which one? I need to enable something to be accelerated 2D and 3D? How to? Forgive me because of my bad english.