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  1. to tkaiser, i just take a look at the pap Backend i use. It´s not the one you wrote ´cos it didn´t work anymore. The pap Backend i use is named papwrap.pl. it did not detect pap printer to cups by itself. But if you setup the pap printer manually it works. Maybe you can fix you pap backend. your pap says: pi@bananapi:~$ /usr/lib/cups/backend/pap network pap "Unknown" "AppleTalk Devices via pap" atp_rresp: Connection timed out /usr/bin/timeout: failed to run command `--': No such file or directory -e network pap://%2a/Frodo/LaserWriter "Unknown" "Frodo@* (pap)"
  2. IMO it´s useless. I´ll stay with my usb-eth adapter, it works fine. And never have to reboot due to eth trouble. And my old AppleTalk gear is working, my IIgs even boot over AppleTalk from the BPi. And the LW 4/600 prints.
  3. Before i got completly mad, i attached like "op1tjaap" an usb to ehternet adapter i found somewere in a box. And then some magic appears and all my AppleTalk devices showed up. So i think, why not bridge eth0(BPi) and eth1(USB) ? I connected eth1 only to the EtherTalk bridge. That´s no problem. all set und fired up and...... my Appletalk devices are gone. Also not a solution. Of course not. the eth0 of the BPi don´t route a single bit of AppleTalk. So i disconnected eth0 and use only eth1. But anyway, thanks alot for refresh my AppleTalk knowledge. It´s a long time since...... man, i´m old.
  4. Hi, i try the promiscuous mode on Eth0. No change at all. No Printer, No Bridge. BTW your image won´t boot at all in an BPi.
  5. Hi tkaiser, i installed as advised Armbian jessie vanilla. loaded the AppleTalk kernel module and.... bananapipro:netatalk 65280.18:4 bananapipro:Workstation 65280.18:4 thats all, as before. sudo armbianmonitor -u -> http://sprunge.us/jCVK
  6. I will later compile a vanilla kernel, hope it fix all Problems. A AppleTalk doc would be great. I know it, ´cos i read the whole Netatalk man pages. And sometimes they are hard to understand. Anyway, i report back what´s going on. Thanks for your support.
  7. I setup a RPi b+ as a Bonjour/IPP to EtherTalk Printserver with cups, netatalk 2.2.5 and Raspbian Wheezy. It works without a glitch and prints from all my maschines. I know your PAP Backend for a log time. It´s the Backend i use. Nice Work, thanks alot. Somebody gave me the Bpi and i thought i´ll give it a try.
  8. LOL, the OPi uses a differnt SoC as a BPi. So i expected that it won´t compile correct.
  9. I compiled the kernel with your kernel.config but it ends in 2 errors. as expected. So, what option i had to disable or enable to make AppleTalk work on this darn Maschine?
  10. I will compile a new kernel with your kernel.config later. I already read the http://forum.armbian...-orange-pi-one/ Post but it´s for an Orange Pi (another fine chinese Product), with a different SoC. Anyway, thanks a lot for your help. Hope it will work.
  11. Linux bananapi 3.4.104-bananian #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Apr 6 18:25:40 UTC 2015 armv7l GNU/Linux
  12. Hi to all, i´d try to setup a Banana PI M1 as AppleTalk Printserver because my old LaserWriter 4/600 only got a LocalTalk Interface. But the Kernel didn´t support AppleTalk, i compiled it in myself successfully. After i installed Netatalk 2.2.5 and do a nbplkup, the Bpi answers: bananapi:netatalk 65280.79:4 bananapi:Workstation 65280.79:4 No Printer, no Bridge. I think, the buildin Eth0 dont route AppleTalk Pakets. I tryed Bananian, armbian and strech without success. So, what shall i do? Hallmackenreuther
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