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  1. While running the debian stretch desktop, I'm able to set my scroll direction in the mouse/touchpad manager but only certain programs respond to the changes. The file manager and leafpad do but chromium and the terminal window don't. Anyone know anything about this?
  2. I'm not sure what you mean by this. As far as wordpress goes, I did add links for the nightly builds.
  3. I haven't been given a lot of clear instructions about how to contribute as a board maintainer but the most recent regular builds are working and I got nightly builds up if this problem arises in the future.
  4. I would love to help. I have SOPINE stuff and an original Pine64 from the kickstarter.
  5. It said I have not been a member long enough. Are maintainers the only ones that can contribute to get a release out?
  6. I worked with some other forum members to fix a problem with the SOPINE image a couple weeks ago but an image has not been created since February. What would it take to get the current build uploaded as an image?
  7. Great! Thanks! What's the process for this to become available from the downloads page?
  8. Your image goes from 648 to 1104 depending on load The 3.10 image goes from 480 to 1152.
  9. Good news is that it is generating unique MAC addresses. armbianmonitor is showing my frequency at 648 but that might just be scaling based on load. Should I try running SETI@Home or is there something that is part of the existing OS image I can do to make it crunch some numbers?
  10. I booted the image. It did pull down DHCP. I was able to SSH in to it and run apt-get update/upgrade. What else should I test? Off the top of my head, the only thing I can think of is to try it on more than just 1 module to make sure it's generating MAC addresses without conflicts. I'm going to try and find an empty SD card to work with. Will do. I was going chronologically. Please give the same advice to Igor.
  11. I got the serial console working the other day. It took me some time to figure out how to do it, but I was able to convert the dtb to dts for editing, insert the rx change and convert it back. That did fix the problem. I have plenty of experience running headless linux. What I don't have is any kind of experience with messing with linux drivers. On the PC side, I never use linux because of all the driver problems. I mostly use it on embedded hardware that has drivers working. I am aware that Pine64 does have problems with drivers. I supported their kickstarter and got a bord
  12. So then why do you say you support SOPINE if you don't want to support SPOINE? This is not just some random user problem. This is a problem with the distribution image image that probably could have been fixed by now. The only reason you need to hire people is because this is how you treat them when they do their best to try and help for free.
  13. So then why do you say you support SOPINE if you don't want to support SPOINE? Because you can do it in less time means it makes more sense that I should be able to get some help rather than me wasting my time trying to do it on my own blind. There is no point in wasting that much time. That's the point of community support. I might not know a lot about this hardware or this software but clearly it's the best you have at the moment. Judging by your reaction to me, I can see why more people aren't even trying to come forward. As for your analogy, it does not apply.
  14. I managed to get the terminal working this morning. This is the output (starting from the last dmesg) of "cat /var/log/armbian-hardware-monitor.log armbian-hardware-monitor.txt