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  1. finally, mine works with your dtb. 5.44 debian server. is it possible install this version to eMMc? like its been done for other builds with script?
  2. so far only S8xxx_ArchLinux_20180331_4.16-rc6.img.xz started with meson8m2-m8s.dtb but without video output and im not sure how to configure ethernet, looks like it doesnt work.
  3. what do you mean configure dtb? try different dtb from dtb folder? why its 2 folders with dtbs? dtb and dtb-3.10.108? i tried with usb flash drive, it's exactly same, just stops. Maybe i need try image with older kernel? I think android runs on 3.10.33 kernel.
  4. from uart console entered all these values manually, line by line: so now, it boots from card. but just white noise on screen for few seconds, and after that just black screen. this is log: stops here, do i need to check with different dtbs? i tried to connect ethernet cable, with changed ip address in armbian_first_run.txt can't see device on network..
  5. renamed boot.img-second.gz to meson8.dtb, copied to dtb folder, edited uEnv.ini still exactly same: i must be doing something wrong? any help?
  6. i extracted dtb from working rom with this guide: i will try it tommorow.
  7. what is proper way of selecting dtb? is it to edit uEnv.ini first line, or rename to dtb.img and copy to root folder?
  8. hi, im trying to boot my m8 square box with s802 2gb ram and 8gb nand. made sd card, activated multiboot (rebooted twice), selected meson8_k200b_2G_emmc_sdhc.dtb in uEnv.ini but after this box doesnt boot to sd card. this my printenv and booting im using 64gb micro sdxc card, same card boots alexelec no problem. is it something with u-boot? do i need to upgrade it somehow? thanks