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  1. Anybody know a way to reset board (OPI PC) immediatly not going through shutdown process? I'm already logged in (ssh session). I've overwritten SD card by mistake, whole fs has gone, and I cant perform reboot or shutdown command (not found)
  2. Hello Guys , I have ordered Micro SD Card Breakout for Exporting UART and JTAG Pins to get serial output on the SD card port without making any welding on the box. I have test it and it seems to work. The problem is that the output is some king of unreadable characters. I don't know whether it is a config issue or something else ? Does any one have used the UART over SD port ?
  3. Hi all, does anyone know how to boot from a locgical volume? the volume group is located on a mbr-parted partition (/dev/sda5) Disk /dev/sda: 465.8 GiB, 500107862016 bytes, 976773168 sectors Units: sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 4096 bytes I/O size (minimum/optimal): 4096 bytes / 4096 bytes Disklabel type: dos Disk identifier: 0x00002074 Device Boot Start End Sectors Size Id Type /dev/sda1 2048 499711 497664 243M 82 Linux swap / Solaris /dev/sda2 501758 976771071 976269314 465.5G 5 Extended /dev/sda5 501760 976771071 976269312 465.5G 8e Linux LVM I dont' dare to execute nand-sata-install 'cause it does recognize just the MBR-Partitions. It seems to me that it will overwrite the volume group. Currently I'm running bananian from the disk. Added an new root-lv "/dev/langate/root-new" and rsynced the root-fs from the sd-card to the new root-lv. Patched /boot/boot.cmd, executed 'mkimage -C none -A arm -T script -d /boot/boot.cmd /boot/boot.scr'. It doesn't function. I can't describe the error-messages right now further.
  4. hi ya all . i have orangepi one with armbian set up as web site server ... All good seems stable and cool despite being housed in the little cardboard box it arrived in. Now because I am on alternative power and sometimes this is in greater supply than others I would really like to reduce power consumption as much as possible Not interested in reducing processor power or memory speed or other things that may impact on its primary task of serving web pages and processing php. however the only connections to the board are ethernet and power I do not want or need any graphics camera USB or whatever nor do i need any services other than ssh and html. can I disable the HDMI interface? the graphics engine? USB support? LED's ? and where is the script that loads all this stuff any solutions or just pointers on where to start looking would be great Thanks
  5. I have 1 Armbian installed in the SBC. I want to login but I don't have any idea what is the root password. I saw there are few methods of breaking it and can bypass / reset password. I noticed that this method is 1 of the easiest way, but it doesn't work. By editing /etc/shadow, root:$6$6fRIGsIb$dt.U84pEFgqpCSmlU9Nn2SLxBK8mYxxZMethrY35kqPg09aS/8e5xQ08excoGzdta6E5XmF2iFQC5J4EJVuM31:17401:0:99999:7::: daemon:*:17326:0:99999:7::: bin:*:17326:0:99999:7::: sys:*:17326:0:99999:7::: sync:*:17326:0:99999:7::: games:*:17326:0:99999:7::: man:*:17326:0:99999:7::: lp:*:17326:0:99999:7::: mail:*:17326:0:99999:7::: news:*:17326:0:99999:7::: uucp:*:17326:0:99999:7::: proxy:*:17326:0:99999:7::: www-data:*:17326:0:99999:7::: backup:*:17326:0:99999:7::: list:*:17326:0:99999:7::: irc:*:17326:0:99999:7::: gnats:*:17326:0:99999:7::: nobody:*:17326:0:99999:7::: systemd-timesync:*:17326:0:99999:7::: systemd-network:*:17326:0:99999:7::: systemd-resolve:*:17326:0:99999:7::: systemd-bus-proxy:*:17326:0:99999:7::: messagebus:*:17326:0:99999:7::: ntp:*:17326:0:99999:7::: avahi-autoipd:*:17326:0:99999:7::: sshd:*:17326:0:99999:7::: rbcs:$6$SMHou.Qx$ZFNh7PSANkFtf7LtUnkBlMZNzoPw5Yj8VHhvpwcpbyvTI4AqIN.NEpWL2uSDI1dVuJLZrh2WS05yyPhHalwRI/:17401:0:99999:7::: gpsd:*:17401:0:99999:7::: Which segment to be removed? root:$6$6fRIGsIb$dt.U84pEFgqpCSmlU9Nn2SLxBK8mYxxZMethrY35kqPg09aS/8e5xQ08excoGzdta6E5XmF2iFQC5J4EJVuM31:17401:0:99999:7::: I tried many times by removing "$6$6fRIGsIb$dt.U84pEFgqpCSmlU9Nn2SLxBK8mYxxZMethrY35kqPg09aS/8e5xQ08excoGzdta6E5XmF2iFQC5J4EJVuM31" and with left with the new line of:- root::17401:0:99999:7::: <---- Is this correct or I am done something very wrong. Please advise and thank you in advance. Regards.!!