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  1. could u plz give us a link to ur branch? Sorry i tried to find but found none edit: i google megous and found a github but the last commit is 16 days ago
  2. do the wifi trick still work in latest nightly? It work before for me, and when i flash the latest nightly and apply the trick, nmtui wont show my wifi network any more. Any one can give me the idea for this ?
  3. I flash again latest img of bionic to test, and it still the same, seem like trouble not solved here
  4. I have done a apt upgrade and the reboot bung still there,
  5. sorry, i have installed it in ubuntu server not debian, the debian one miss some package ( python* and more) for docker
  6. u can install hassio with curl -sL "" | bash -s -- -m rarpberrypi3 I have installed it and got success, have almost all addon ( no addon with armbian-config install)
  7. I have build and flash this version, it work good with wifi ( with trick) and emmc. With emmc, the os a lot more response. One thing i found break is bluetooth, i enabled it via armbian-config but it fail at next boot.
  8. I have installed successfully in SD, but when i try nand-sata-install, it has no option to boot from emmc, could u plz give me script to to it? I am newcomer linux user :p