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  1. No, the Box is an original Mecool M8s Pro L and has 32GB eMMC storage. The chip is a "Samsung klmbg8fe4b-b001". Even on Nand ther shouldnt be that wired i/o error. The Box is working perfectly if i boot into Android Tv (which is on the emmc, so the emmc is working)
  2. Hi there! I have a Mecool M8S Pro L box with Amlogic S912 3/32GB and 100Mbit ethernet. I am running the current bullseye and focal image from microsd without any problems. But i am not able to do anything with the internal EMMC, fdisk, ddbr and anything else giving an Input/Output error and i am not able to install the image into the internal emmc (this is my goal) I tried every gxm* dtb file but none of them making any difference (only some of them are not booting into the linux os, but none can access the internal emmc) could anyone give me a hint what to do or does anyone know whats wrong and what to do to get it working? thanks a lot!
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