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  1. That's the one i try today.
  2. Thanks a lot for the image. My little test : I try the debian desktop version in my rev A board. Boot just fine. when i try the last image from last year, problems appears for me : - Lan was block à 100 mbits - Usb3 not working - pci express is a joke - no graphical display In this version, - Usb3 works fine. it's a very good news but not with a usb3 hub. - Still the same for the lan, block at 100 mbits. But i think it's hardware problem, because with android image, i have only 100 mbits too. If i put a usb3 hub to have a usb 1000 mbits adaptateur, with a usb3 hard drive, then the performance shut down, like everything is in usb2. Too bad. But it's working. Thanks again for the great jobs. Dark26
  3. Is there a place ai can downlaod a image for testing? Th last available on https://dl.armbian.com/pineh64/ date of august 2018. Thanks in advance. Merci Dark26
  4. it would be great if it's possible
  5. I have a model A, and i am interesting to test the image. Juste tell me where a i can dowload it. Thanks in advance