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  1. I just installed 5.9.0 from the 20.08.12 package and I can confirm it's working fine. The system came back with working network connection. Thanks to everyone, esp. @Igor for finding the root cause and @5kft for getting the patch included so quickly.
  2. That was quick. I was looking to submit a PR, but I think that this commit reverts the original "fix" already, correct? How do I find out if a new kernel package in the repo contains the commit?
  3. I know it's not an officially supported board, but it's been working really well so far, so I'll give it a shot. Today I updated my kernel to 5.9.0-sunxi (coming from 5.9.0-rc7-sunxi) and after rebooting the (wired) network was dead. Everything looked fine, ethernet driver is loaded, interfaces were up and had IP addresses, but packets were not being sent. Pinging anything but the Banana Pi itself says "destination host unreachable". Routes were set and looked correct - even tho they should not even be necessary as I was pinging the gateway. tcpdump on eth0 showed nothing at all, a
  4. Hi @5kft, thank you for the detailed reply. I have to admit, both the NEO2 and the NEO Plus2 looked so appealing with their metal cases, that I ended up ordering both. I'm happy to hear, that the eMMC performance is nice. I had not found any benchmarks on that, but found that there's real differences between the various manufacturers and models. I also have a BPI-M2 Berry and was very disappointed, when I found out just how bad the software support is. The stock OS is indiscussable, which is how I came to Armbian. Armbian by itself runs stable out of the box, but I could not
  5. Hi, I am new here and searched the forums for an answer to my questions regarding the NanoPi NEO2 and NEO Plus2. Most answers I could find, but a few were left open. The NEO Plus2 is marked as WIP. Why? What do I have to expect not to work? Both boards are similarly old, from what I could find. Will the Plus2 move up to "supported" eventually or does it currently more look like the route is going towards CSC? Do common features like GPIO access, SPI, I2C ... work with current images? Do specific features where the Plus2 differs from the NEO2 like WiFi