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  1. The steps are:write armbian 5.77 desktop with Rufus on SD card 32 GB,pre-othermaterial in NTFS .Step two insert the card into the receivers previously de-energized.I pinch the button on the rear panel with a toothpick,connect the power.I wait 15 seconds,let go of the toothpick,but nothing happens,the usual stock Android is loaded.When using amlogic autoscript.zip via stock updater gives error:Software packade error
  2. Amlogic S905 Quad Core A53 64bit 2.0 GHZ processor Built-in graphics 3D processor with support for Mali-450MP RAM: 1 GB Flash memory: 8 GB DVB-S / S2 Tuner: TS2022 DVB-T / T2 / C Tuner: MX608 Fully compatible with DVB-S / S2 (UHD, HEVC), DVB-T / T2 / C standards Android 5.1.1 operating systems (Lollipop)Why a different type of cpu? Is it the Amlogic s905?
  3. Yes, it is a combo receiver, with dvb-c, t2, s2 and android 5.1.1.The firmware is here:https://giclub.tv/index.php?board=451.0
  4. I read this manual, the SD card is true for 32 gigabytes, but less is not. And there is no u boot section in the stock firmware, but there is a bootioader section. Maybe that's why it does not start?
  5. Hello! I am new to this forum. I am trying to install v.5.77 on this device Gi spark 3 combo, but I can’t activate multibut. With and without a toothpick I load into Android.dtb.img moved from stock firmware, aml_autoscript gives an update error. I ask for help in the launch.
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