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  1. gufmar

    Rock PI 4

    perfect solution. works fine. thank you! For thus who try to C&P the above clock-frequency string: Attention it contains non-standard space chars after the number. So compiling to dtb fil fail with an error. Better use clock-frequency = <400000>;
  2. gufmar

    Rock PI 4

    Thank you very much, this helped a lot! some details who may help others: (note: I'm not an expert) install DT compiler version from the above link, not from online mirrors. to do so cd into temp directory, curl or wget the above url and chown +x the file as executable Then install with apt cd /tmp wget sudo chmod +x device-tree-compiler_1.4.7-3_arm64.deb sudo apt install device-tree-compiler_1.4.7-3_arm64.deb decompile DTB to DTS as mentioned above. open the decompiled file and lookup for the interface in the aliases section (e.g. i2c7) You will find the address (e.g. i2c@ff160000) scroll down now to this address and verify that status is set to okay status = "okay"; if not change and re-compile to DTB As I'm not an expert I wonder if it's possible to change or increase the i2c baudrate to 400 kHz ? I found descriptions to add dtparam=i2c_arm=on,i2c_baudrate=400000 to /boot/config.txt As Armbian hasn't this config file I tried to add the same line to /boot/armbianEnv.txt but it doesn't seem to have any effect.