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  1. A note about the Pine64 USB serial cable, it seems to be a 5v not the 3.3v as advertised. This has come up on the Pine64 forums. I have noticed that with the adaptor plugged in Wifi becomes erratic/fails. A few odd boot problems as well. I have yet to try a 3.3v TTL adaptor but without the Pine64 USB -> headphone adaptor the system is quite stable.
  2. @PatrikXThere was a driver missing related to USB, it has since been added/enabled. The latest kernel releases should support it, if not building an kernel package yourself will work, have done this myself and the APC UPS works just fine.
  3. Hello, I would like to propose a change to the default kernel config for the Odroid XU4. This could *possibliy* done across all kernels: config-4.14.111-odroidxu4: CONFIG_USB_HID=m # CONFIG_HID_PID is not set CONFIG_USB_HIDDEV=y Basically it enables the USB_HID as a module instead of being compiled in and then enables the USB_HIDDEV which in my case the APCUPSD needs the option in order to communicate with the APC UPS device. From what I have read others have run into this problem and this would fix it. Does not seem there would be impact on anything else. Is it worth while making a pull request for this for the XU4 and/or others?