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  1. I bought that DAC to my OPi - I tought it will be easier. I've configure PCM and TWI in FEX file (IIS works perfect on oscilloscope). Also I've made mods on DAC's board - Raspberry has PCM at other pins. But SPDIF still not working. I suppose, that WM8804 is in software mode, so I have to config it via IIC. My 3.4.113 Armbian doesn't have driver for that DAC. What can I do?
  2. What about [dynamic] MAC = "XXXXXXXXXXXX" in script.bin?
  3. I think I have checked that every time, but I'm not sure. Thank you everyone for helpful suggestions!
  4. Ok, everything works now. It was SD format fault, but I don't know why other images worked fine.
  5. Yes, but it is also strange, because card with "good" image syncs in 0.5 s when "bad" few minutes. I'll try to make new partition table and maybe wipe it as you suggest.
  6. Yes, of course. I'll try again in the morning. Maybe with Windows and other uSD adapter.
  7. SHA256 passed. What about that? I can't mount uSD card with legacy image at my PC. Do you also use dd program to write raw image to SD?
  8. I have tested with two SDs - the same result. But vanilla works perfect! Strange is that after dd command I can't mount SDs with legacy, but vanilla I can. I've downloaded legacy twice.
  9. Ok, probably I found answer - PHY decides. Stupid question:/
  10. I had been using Open-WRT and DD-WRT with that TL-WR740N. I can change the antenna to bigger one too if I'll choose board with WLAN;) EDIT: If Allwinner H3 has EMAC 10M/100M/1000M what is the different between Orange Pi Plus (GbE) and Orange Pi PC Plus (Fast Ethernet)?
  11. You wrote: I think I don't loose anything when take Orange Pi PC (34,2$) or PC Plus (37$) and USB3.0->GbE (18,5$) when needed. Orange Pi Plus 2e I can get for 68$ so I could save from 13$ (with GbE) to 31$ (without GbE) the expense of 1 GB RAM and one USB extra. I'll thik about it.
  12. Finally, after reading this, I decided to buy Orange Pi PC Plus.
  13. Poland - here it is summer too and now I've got 27,8*C at home:) But after few tests now A10 takes so much current, that 3.3 voltage regulator is also hot (CPU very fast despite the radiator) - the system don't get up. My Cubieboard is dead.
  14. Thank you for comprehensive post. I think, when I will need more than 1 GB RAM for server I turn to professional provider;) Edit: What about Banana Pi M1+? It is similar to Lime2 but without LiPo support. Edit: At home I've got only WLAN devices, except my PC. So I came up with idea to remove TP-Link router from my net and use Banana Pi M1+ as WIFI router. Could I do that? Or maybe Lime2 + USB wifi?
  15. After reading that post I think I shouldn't worry about stability.
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