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  1. @Shimon What do you need? You can download it from its the same aml_autoscript as in yandex and the contains the same aml_autoscript but in a update_uboot folder. Probably this will update the u-boot environment to enable to boot from the SD card for those firmwares who not allows it. If you prefer you can do this manualy from the u-boot console with the serial cable and setenv/saveenv commands (probably what @tpc010 means) or as suggested by @balbes150 use the "automatic" update procedure, don't know if this works for all firmwares. The automatic procedure changes the u-boot environment. Once changed on reboot u-boot first checks if sd-card is present then it loads s905_autoscript from the the sd card and execute it.s905_autoscript loads uImage and .... aml_autoscript and s905_autoscript are nothing more then a boot.scr (u-boot commands compiled with mkimage). for converting a aml_autoscript.txt to a aml_autoscript if you need to make changes use mkimage as usual with boot.cmd vs. boot.scr: mkimage -C none -A arm -T script -d aml_autoscript.txt aml_autoscript (same for s905_autoscript.txt vs. s905_autoscript) That's it
  2. @Shimon On the right side, click on the And this is the uart-serial port for the beelink m18 (same as mx64)
  3. @ThomasGB You can install the binary GPU driver if you want. And what makes the boards with GPU Mali binary "crap" driver better?
  4. Ok, but the "problem" is that the u-boot sources from lemaker are a bit "newer" but fo the moment i would leave it as it is. Let's see if someone of the only few users/real buyers of this board reacts and are interested in using armbian. What's your plan for the future, regards the actions boards?
  5. Sometimes Board does not complete the boot process and halts at "reset_to_adfu" Probably some harcoded thing in drivers/input/key_scan.c in the lemaker u-boot sources. lemaker (sources) does not take care about the other devices and to avoid such issues it needs probably a patch but only for the roseapple. Alternately maybe use u-boot sources from the xapp-le repo (only for the roseapple) for anyone who wants to try build images keep it in mind.
  6. No problem resides in the .dts file Fix as pull request. Should build now, at least for me.
  7. After update/upgrade and reboot = big crash. Well it was predictable. But nice Guitar logo on console.