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  1. Hello I use a hdd and a box separatly..... Hdd infernal and case with USB That problem is nuit when i plug in the system when it works but when after want to reboot the system failed to restart and kill the kernel....
  2. Hello, Thanks but i mean not in sata but in usb device. I test with HGST 3To it works with GPT mode and ntfs but when restart with HHD conect allthe system failed. nothing appear in screen. Alqso if i debranch HDD not start. I must reinstall all the system ....
  3. Hello, I want to branch a disque that have 3to or 4to to do my personnal backup of data. Can I do this ? Can I branch it in the usb and do this ? I format in ext4 ? or ntfs ? (with gpt mode). Thanks
  4. Hello, I want to do for personal use a server and for you it prefer use Debian version or Ubuntu ? Thanks
  5. Hello, When I can backup my system who is in the emmc ? in another sdcoard or in usb key to image file ? Thanks
  6. Hello, Thanks not works without do : apt-get -o DPkg::Options::="--force-confmiss" --reinstall install apache2 after it works. Strange because in my other than have 5.23 and upgrade to 5.25 (apt-get upgrade) it not do this ..... Thanks
  7. Hello, I test to prepare a sd with the fresh install with the last image in the website 5.25. I installed Apache2 php5 mariadb and it works but when I reboot the system apache don't start it tell that /var/log/apache2 not found. The I created the directory apache2 and restart apache manually => ok it start. I reboot the system and again it failed withe the same message !*I go to /var/log/ and not see the apache2 created .... Thanks for help
  8. Hello But with sdc_detmode=1 the sdcard not mount ?
  9. Hello, I want to have a image on boot and no text. (splashcreen) I see plymouth but I don't now if it done with it and when I can install in to my OrangePi Plus 2e Anybody can help me ? Thanks a lot.
  10. Hello, But is normal that when I insert miscrosd card after launch system it not detect it ?
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