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  1. Hi, @fabiobassa . My df,free results show values like @curse 's. Exactly, 4G RAM/64G ROM does exist. There are honest people in that country once in a while. I have since crashed it and recovered to a stock ROM that I had backed up, but it worked. Also, I am now reinstalling all of armbian. I'll see you then.
  2. Hello everyone. I received my TV BOX from CN today, and I joined the game. For your information, my box is [HK1 RBOX R1 mini] w/4G/64G. It's the one with a picture of an eagle on the top. I installed the files from the SD card. Armbian_21.11.0-trunk_Rk3318-box_bullseye_edge_5.14.14_minimal.img I used multitool to back up the stock ROM and then flashed it to eMMC. Wired LAN, wireless LAN 2.4G, 5G, USB-KB, MOUSE all work normally. In addition, I installed xfce and Firefox, and it seems to be slow, but it works well. Thanks to whoever is releasing and maintaining this wonderful thing. I will write again if there is any movement. Thank you.