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  1. I suppose, it's the temperature from PMIC, armbian monitor show this temperature too. If you remove /etc/armbianmonitor/datasources/soctemp file, it will show PMIC temperature in MOTD as CPU temperature, but in my case this temperature is quite different than the one from GPADC module.
  2. Hi guys, after I tried to downgrade kernel to 5.31 because of these problems, I bricked the system (unrecognized MMC card device), so I had to overwrite u-boot and /boot manually on mounted SD card to bring it to life. I don't know how exactly I did it, but now I have 4.19.20 kernel without these symptoms - no more excesive CPU usage by kworker, CPU temperature drops by more than 10 degrees. The problem is that cpufreq is not working anymore: no or unknown cpufreq driver is active on this CPU Maybe there is some connection to it?
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