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  1. Understood; thanks for your help - I shall stick with the older version for now.
  2. Is there a way to tell which panel I have? This is one of the earliest pinebooks I believe, it shipped 8/2/2017.
  3. Yes, it boots to Xenial without issue. Screen comes on and I can login.
  4. There is nothing on the screen, as best I can tell the screen is not powered. Completely black.
  5. Hello - I have attempted an install of Armbian Stetch on a Pinebook (non HD) with the latest image from https://www.armbian.com/pinebook-a64/. I can power on the pinebook and can SSH in, and have successfully installed to the internal emmc, however the screen does not come on. This pinebook readily works with other OS images I've attempted. I suspect I'm just missing something somewhat obvious, but I can't find reference to this issue elsewhere - how do I enable access via the screen/keyboard on the device itself? Thanks!