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  1. So they already are. https://github.com/hbars/BPI-M2-Ultra-Berry-i2c-enable/blob/master/v40-bananapi-m2-berry-i2c-1.dts https://github.com/hbars/BPI-M2-Ultra-Berry-i2c-enable/blob/master/v40-bananapi-m2-berry-i2c-2.dts Just gonna leave this here, because-as how to promote the patch does not know... And about PMIC pins I saw. Strange why was not describe the rest.
  2. But not work. And how can they work when in dts and dtsi nowhere describes the pins of the ports.
  3. Hi. Instruction and dts on https://github.com/hbars/BPI-M2-Ultra-Berry-i2c-enable