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  1. @gprovost To be clear, once i disconnected the external USB drives and plugged them into my PC and saw them power up and run just fine i decided to power down the whole helios4 and disassemble it to get ready for new drives. Then i just tried to plug one 2 of the 3.5" SATA drives in to see what would happen when i put power back on and nothing spun up. Then i tried a single drive alone, once in each of the 4 power connectors after powering down and up each time. no spinning up. Then I tried a brand new WD Blue drive, and then a brand new WD Red drive and nothing powered up on any single attempt. If i took a random 2.5" drive and plugged it in to the SATA connections, then it worked no problem. and was detected by the OS. So that's what led me to think that there's a problem getting enough power supplied to the 3.5" drives now and from that it can't power USB drives with anything connected either, hence the total system went down and stays down. Each time just to be clear, i completely powered down the device and then powered up with a different slot or drive connected and only the 2.5 connected by SATA worked
  2. Well I don't know what happened but a few days ago I started getting SMART warnings from one of my drives. Then the next day seek errors on all 4 drives. They are older so i figured nothing out of the ordinary. I ordered new drives to start replacing these. Last night the entire system died. And what's weird is it took the external USB drives I had plugged in down as well. They were on, but they were just clicking their heads. I plugged the externals into my own PC and they turned out to be OK, for some reason they aren't getting enough power from the USB of the helios4. Well I went and disconnected the NAS drives and on a hunch i plugged the external back in, and put the helios to power without any NAS in it and the external drive worked again and was detected! So I figured some malfunction in the 3.5" drives must have caused other issues like the externals not working. I tried a different 3.5" drive I had laying around. Was never detected. Tried another brand new drive, still not detected. I plugged a 2.5" drive in just to see what would happen and it was detected fine! I plugged one of the brand new WD reds i just bought and still nothing. I don't even think it's even spinning up. I tried all 4 power connectors, and even reseated the cables into the board to make sure they were secure... I don't think they're getting any or enough power :\