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  1. Okay, the secondary card is a pretty good idea! Simplest solution first and all that. I was considering starting from scratch, I'd have to dig up all the information on the configuration etc from my memory but it should still be knocking around in there. Really I was just wanting to upgrade as when I was still on Jessie, eventually the repo's stopped responding as it had hit end-of-life and I was lazy with my upkeep of the little guy. Was kind of a pain to get from Jessie to Stretch, and I can't 100% say I did it correctly (though its been running well up until Sunday night when I was messing with it). TY for the advice!
  2. So I had noticed the current stable version had advanced, I'm just curious if there is any big reasons to go through upgrading? I managed to bumbleF my way through getting Jessie to Stretch months and months ago, long enough to forget most of the process. I kind of halfheartedly tried last night and had quite a few issues (mostly regarding iptables, a sticky DHCP setting, PiHole breaking, among others), restored an SD image I had from April and then update/upgrade through apt to get all the software back to where it was, its working fine again. I'm only using it for some basic stuff limited to PiHole, OpenVPN, miniDLNA, MJPEG stream for my 3d printer and a SMB server. But the prime directive, if it ain't broke don't fix it, keeps echoing in my head after last night's venture. Though...if there are any glaring issues fixed between the two versions, performance increase, etc I'd be more keen on figuring it out again.