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  1. Hi, I know that everything is Wip, and I'm ready to spend my time hoping to get something good, and yes principally is for educational purposes. I'm monitoring consumption with an USB tester (UM34), after PSU because I do not have a tester sensitive enough to value consumption with PSU. Now I'm going to study about DT and how to recompile u-boot to do some tests. Thanks for this hints
  2. Hi, I'm here to dig into low power consumption with allwinner H6 boards, I own an OrangePi one plus and I'm already doing some tests. With an H3 board and legacy kernel I would simply tweak fex file to turn off the unnecessary, and there is already good material around this argument. But with mainline kernel there is no documentation about lowering power consumption. I would really appreciate some hints on how to tweak down consumption for H6 boards and mainline kernel, probably editing DT overlay or some other config/patch files, and re-building? I already tweaked the simplest things like: -Using fast ethernet instead of gigabit -Lowering max CPU frequency (even if I chose this soc for higer CPU performance) Following what has already been done with H3 board I still have these things to try: -Disabling GPU and HDMI -Disabling USB -Lowering DRAM clockspeed And eventually downvolting more than the standard voltage for both core and memory (if possible, I'm open for try and miss testing) If you have some hints it would be really appreciated, I will of course share my findings hoping to help someone else. Thanks in advance
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