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  1. Just a little note to say that the `nand-sata-install` script doesn't transfer an edited bl1 from the SD to onboard eMMC, so you need to reapply the edit. If you only have CLI, you can do it like this (assuming you've booted from SD and run nand-sata-install already): printf '\x01\xde\x10\x10' | sudo dd of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=1 seek=616 count=4 conv=notrunc
  2. I guess so. If I understand correctly all these chips are EOL, maybe they can't get the other ones anymore.
  3. Received another T3+ from FriendlyArm (ordered 2 weeks ago). This time the chip is SEC 907 K4B4G16 46E BCMA and it works with the edited image :-)
  4. Interesting. What speed is it using in the NanoPC-T3 image (the non + image)? That has been quite stable for me so far.
  5. Pretty strange then - sometimes your edit is needed and sometimes not!
  6. Going back through this thread then, here's what we have so far: User Chip Works Igor, Vlado SAMSUNG 728 K4B4G16 46D-BCK0 Yes (sometimes with, sometimes without bl1 edit - WTF??) constantius SEC 710 K4B4G16 46E-???? Yes (needs bl1 edit) sfalcon, AmirHG SEC 710 K4B4G16 46E-BCK0 Yes (needs bl1 edit) crazystick SEC 843 K4B4G16 46E BCMA Yes (needs bl1 edit) crazystick SEC 907 K4B4G16 46E BCMA Yes (needs bl1 edit) I'll try to test this later this week. @Vlado it looks like you have the same chip as @Igor but you needed the edit where he didn't which is odd. On his board the chip was printed SAMSUNG 728. Is it the same for you? @constantius would be good to fill in the ???s just for completeness.
  7. Can you post a photo of your board showing memory chip P/N?
  8. I have the same problem, and another chip SEC 843... with the same board revision. Looks like the working chip might be the one-off here :-( I can also confirm as others have reported that the image for the T3 (non-plus) boots fine but only exposes 1GB memory.
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