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  1. yes, check the thread called bluethooth. I did not manage to make it work, but somebody did. So good luck.
  2. Will the fix be also put into the official nightly?
  3. I tried again today (without changing anything) and it worked, I access it now with putty, overwrote the eMMC with the latest version and start again installing everything
  4. Did that with a fresh download and a fresh sd-card. Same basically. I do see now green and yellow lights on the lan cable port, but it does not show in router, ping or putty.
  5. Allright, now only one of the 2 LED is on, the one closer to the Power. And on the LAN cable LED only the yellow one blinks. (Got the thing with the LED, the one close to the SD Card slot goes on when the card is in. I removed it to see if it would change anything. Right now on the SD is a version from mid Mai that worked for sure I rebooted the router and flashed it to be sure to the latest firmware (was already on it just to be sure). I have 4 network slots, 2x gbit (1-2) and 2x 100 mbit, now it only shows it under lan 3, even if I switch it to 2 (1 is PC) or 4, it only shows up as lan 3 or nothing at all. And still does not react to anything. I also changed the LAN cable just to be sure. Edit: Shows up in the router again (deleted all connections, plugged it back in): PC-02-07-80-8B-8E-DE with 100 mbits LAN3, then I recognized it as orangepi3, gave it an IP and moved it to "unused connections" and it again does not react. I mean I can ping it, it says target host is not reachable, but send 4 packages, received 4 packages, loss 0, 0% loss. I have 0 clue why it does not want to communicate. Well, I'll get one of those TTL to USB cable thing and try it again I guess.
  6. Is there any check (apart from TTL which will come at the earliest in 48h) to see if the hardware is ok?
  7. Hello, I had a telecommunication technician logged onto my router + later that night a power outage. Now my pi (not sure before or after or related to anything), now the lights go on the pi (both + the one on the network), I can see it on the router with an IP but that is it. I can't logon to it on that IP with Putty nor can I ping it from the console on the PC. I tried now 3-4 of the builds (older ones, one official one and so on) with the flash card, but always the same. I don't have an USB to TTL converter to try that route. Is there anything else I can do? There is no way to do a hard reset, right?
  8. Allright, so I just wait for 5.2 Kernel and hope for the best. Thanks for your answer though! And even if it did not work, it was kinda fun to try to figure out how that works. Even though everything with drivers (firmware) is still insane complicated on Linux
  9. Feels like I'm so close, just missing one command
  10. Me neither. As I said I used the description from above. Are you sure that ttyS1 is the correct port to use? Is that the same as UART1?
  11. Sure, in the link from above: root@orangepi3:/dev# sudo hciattach /dev/ttyS1 bmc4345c5 921600 noflow - Unknown device type or id
  12. Allright, I got the file downloaded and into the correct folder, but I'm stuck here: The board contains AP6256 WiFi/BT module that has its bluetooth part connected to SoC's UART1 port. Enable this port, and add node for the bluetooth device. The UART1 I got actived in the armbian-config. But how to I "add a node for the BT device"?
  13. Yes, sounds incredible easy. But for a windows user with no experience with linux that is harder then it looks like. Is there a guide somewhere? What would I need to google to find out how to do it?
  14. true, would that then "just work"? Well, I ordered one, I'll find out soon(ish)
  15. nah, I'll wait. I basically "need" BT to use it to switch on some BT-light strips. And I can still do that with my phone, works. So for me, I'll wait.