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  1. 64° while running stuff like PiHole. And yes has a heatsink but now fan running right now. But yes, seems higher then before.
  2. thanks anyhow. I feel I'm so close with the description stating that the file need to be there and that is it. And I have the file there and it is not working but showing up in a different color.
  3. Do you need only the first file or all the others too? BCM4345C5.hcd add ap6256 firmware8 months ago config.txt add ap6256 firmware8 months ago fw_bcm43456c5_ag.bin add ap6256 firmware8 months ago fw_bcm43456c5_ag_apsta.bin add ap6256 firmware8 months ago nvram.txt well, I got them to the directory, but they show up in green, does that mean anything. If it look at it with lsattr it looks the same: --------------e---- ./BCM4345C5.hcd and with hciconfig it still show the BT device as 0000000 and not working
  4. Still the BT shows: hci1: Type: Primary Bus: SDIO BD Address: 00:00:00:00:00:00 ACL MTU: 0:0 SCO MTU: 0:0 DOWN RX bytes:0 acl:0 sco:0 events:0 errors:0 TX bytes:0 acl:0 sco:0 commands:0 errors:0 Running 5.3.0 RC8
  5. yes, that is the one I'm running and no it does not have working BT
  6. Seems to not work on OP3. Hope eventually it will work
  7. Did you have any luck with BT support? I tried that but after all the steps it did not work at the end. And I could never figure out what I did wrong.
  8. For me it did not even install Pi, got an error with apt-get and stopped after a few seconds into the install. But does not change that if you go And check the dates on the latest updates that very much looks like a dead project to me.
  9. no clue. I have the buster version which does not work with a lot of software yet (no pi hole, no iobroker for instance), updates with apt-get show some errors and on the download section here the last update is weeks ago. Seems to be a low priority (not many people working on it). I personally wait for a good offer for a pi 4 and will just buy that, as it is supported by so many people. And then use the opie3 in a year or so for something else with the hope that the software will work then.
  10. That would suck. I tried to get it to work using the description I found in the BT thread here in the forum, but it did not work. Sucks as the files exist for 4 month to make BT 5.0 work but for a Linux newbie even with tinkering for hours I could not make it work.
  11. Wait, I thought the CPU/GPU support only comes with 5.2? I mean automatically because it is in the Linux Kernel? And I still hope for BT 5.0
  12. I can't wait to finally use BT with my OP3
  13. mine is 5.88 even with apt-get update and going to nightly build
  14. if you get it to work, please write how you did it. Also 5.2 should have it working.