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  1. Hi all! I'm new on armbian and my first (second, because the first is rasperry p3 but it runs hassio) is orange pi 3. I would like to know about gpio, but i cannot write on thread of orange pi 3. Maybe, because i'm not a programmer, but i try to ask in some case. Tnx and sorry for bad english!
  2. really? i already updated........ some risk?
  3. TNX!!! yes, of course. I have raspberry but it is only for hassio. This SBC is for understand something It is too hard, but may be i learn it!! goood! I tryed to install orange pi image from official site.... but i thing it don't run very good. Now, i will try to install Armbian. I think Armbian is very power OS! But, alredy, i am a noob, so........... Tnx igor, you're kindle (sorry for bad english!)
  4. hi all! I'm alex and noob Orange pi 3 is my first micro computer. Now, i have armbian ubuntu on ssd (16gb) with docker, and hassio. All only for study, to learn. My question: can i clone this os status from microsd (16gb) to internal emmc? (maybe, before, i need to change size's partition). Thanx all, and Armbian Rulez!