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  1. About why your NAS has been frozen, maybe indeed (it's quite possible), but sadly in addition you are encountering some other issues during the reboot (that I haven't encountered on my side - crossing fingers on that topic ...). But of course these many freezes and reboots can't be good in any way for the operating system on disk or even for the hardware (hdd)... I would suggest to try a fresh reinstall on a second scarf to see if everything boots up nicely, as a first step ...
  2. So i don't know if it's enough to say that everything is now under control, but for now my uptime is +12 days (before, i had at least one freeze per week, and often more than that). So a little bit too soon to be sure. + for now i'm avoiding 5.10 kernel installation and corresponding reboot.
  3. Mhh so (per other thread) i tried 2nd proposal (without luck : i still have freeze, as stated in other thread) BUT nothing was said about reverting the CPU governance (so i was still in "performance" mode with same min/max values). To what should i revert the CPU gorvenance values ? (min possible value / max possible value + powersave ?)
  4. So i applyed these parameters on 2021/02/01 and today (2 days later) i just got another freeze (this time i had IO but not a lot - was uploading files from NAS to cloud at 40MB/s - but it's of course not the first time i have some IO during hours, it's just that until now most freezes have happened without IO). No RED LED blinking this time once freezed + all HDD leds are ON but are not blinking. I had an opened SSH connection and nothing has been printed there, it's just frozen (ping from another host not answered, and so on). dmesg -T (during reboot afte
  5. Ok i just applyed the suggested modifications this morning (by modifying the boot.cmd file + regenerating the boot.scr file). Reboot has been OK. Let's see ... + what exactly are these values / are they related to the CPU speed and if yes, how are they different than what is applyed when modifying the CPU governance configuration through armbian-config ? Previous armbianEnv.txt (for reference) (untouched) : ``` verbosity=1 bootlogo=false overlay_prefix=rockchip rootdev=UUID=a79a14c0-3cf4-4fb9-a6c6-838571351371 rootfstype=ext4 usbsto
  6. No (and i'm using MDADM, no ZFS), until now, hopefully (otherwise i'll get mad about losing time and datas just because of these errors ...) i haven't encountered broken raid or any errors (mdadm --misc detail is fine, no errors in dmesg -T, and so on). Indeed maybe there are different problems ... anyway it's far away from being stable in the current state Also i don't think i have overheat issue, my sensors are (even when copying files, ...) :
  7. @Seneca I would suggest to upgrade to kernel 5.9.14 : i have freezes with both, but i had way more freezes with 5.8.14 compared to 5.9.14 Otherwise, on my side, it is 100% clear that in my situation the freezes are not related to disk I/O : i have nearly nothing in crontab, and i'm encountering some freezes during the night, with 0 CPU activity / 0 disk usage (and as said before, i have nearly no processes configured outside MDADM, SSH, and NETDATA).
  8. I would be fine with this solution on my side if it was working (but on my side it's not enough to have same freq. for min and max value (also with 1.8 Ghz, i haven't tryed with lower values) + "performance" or "governor" mode.
  9. Yes, as stated in previous message, i tried "conservative" and then "performance" governor mode (which i'm still running on), with same (max) values for both min/max CPU speed, without any real benefits (maybe this is enough for some users, but clearly not in my situation). And i really don't have a lot of things installed : SMB, SSH, docker (with one container : netdata), MDADM, and that's all (no extra containers, no OMV, ...). And no "load" from a CPU point of view, and not a lot of RAID I/O (at least not during most of the crashes). And same, i'm not always in a set
  10. Situation is worse and worse (i have several freezes per days now - no idea why it has changed, whereas i'm still on the same kernel). What are the updates on this subject ?
  11. FYI, I'm still encountering a few freezes over time (with 5.9.14) (every 2 weeks, i would say), as far as i can tell, whatever the "CPU" governance configuration is ("conservative" or "performance" have both already generated freezes). So what is the best approach on this ? Which kernel should be installed ? It seems that 5.9.14 is at the moment still the latest one (and based on the number of errors i have already encountered here, i have to admit that i'm quite reluctant to test a "dev" and potentially even more unstable branch)
  12. Yes i'm running 5.9.11 since nearly two days and i can confirm that for now it seems way more stable than 5.8.14 / 5.8.17 (these two ones were constantly generating freezes). And without any changes like i2c overlays and still on SD card. The amelioration is probably coming from the resolution of the issue i referenced a couple of posts below :
  13. Not yet ... Seemed a bit early, and nothing is clearly said about the kernel panic problems being fixed or not ... In the meanwhile i've seen this : ... but it's still not very clear how/if this is related.
  14. Same problem again (freeze + red LED blinking + had to force a power down as everything is frozen).. Kernel is still 5.8.14 Linux helios64 5.8.14-rockchip64 #20.08.10 SMP PREEMPT Tue Oct 13 16:58:01 CEST 2020 aarch64 GNU/Linux In currently opened console : Message from syslogd@localhost at Nov 29 18:15:51 ... kernel:[12092.786060] Internal error: Oops: 96000044 [#1] PREEMPT SMP Message from syslogd@localhost at Nov 29 18:15:51 ... kernel:[12092.806913] Code: aa0103e0 f9400422 f85f8403 f9000462 (f9000043) Message from syslogd@localhost at Nov 29 18:45:
  15. As stated in my comments here (but it seems no one is reading this blog post comments anymore ...) : - With 5.8.17 i have kernel panics. - With 5.8.14 i have freeze. So what to do in order to have a stable situation ?! It seems to be "under load" (one freeze during RAID array being built, and several ones (with .14 or .17 kernels) while files were being copied through the 1Gb/s network interface). - System newly installed and running on fresh SSD card.