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    ketominer got a reaction from Igor in RK3328 Kernel   
    Info from "bad" kernel (freshly updated armbian bionic but it's the same for 6 months):
    (used my own transfer side because the one used by default by armbianmonitor -u doesn't show any url after upload)
    Info from "good" distro (that works on the "bad" boards is): (somehow worked on this one)
    Distribution used is
    The kernel is
    linux-headers-4.4.167-1169-rockchip-ayufan-g3cde5c624c9c:arm64  install
    linux-image-4.4.167-1169-rockchip-ayufan-g3cde5c624c9c:arm64    install
    u-boot-rockchip-rock64-2017.09-rockchip-ayufan-1045-g9922d32c04 install
    and board package
    board-package-rock64-0.8-126                    install
    This leads to the correct dependencies:
    please note that the rc10 of ayufan's distro breaks again what rc9 was fixing...
    Hope that helps