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  1. Reboot the host and clean the output/deb content. It is possible that one of your files is bad or previous build was not cleanly unmounted.
  2. Releasing 20.11 this week with those exceptions: Images for sunxi kernels will be build from repository (5.8.y) Any other hack?
  3. I am almost certain you will run into the same problem on a X86 machine. Armbian is 100% compatible on userland level and OMV is a bulky suite which dramatically changes OS ... you can see OMV forums how to deal with those problems. IMO, to be on a safe side, you will need to use the power of Docker. Armbian fully supports it for years.
  4. @sgjava Check todays nightlies ... this problem should be fixed https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/2348
  5. Those errors can't be reproduced. You probably use some old / not updated build script. Make a clean clone.
  6. Perhaps this https://github.com/armbian/config/commit/22e8ac6f39bc19183e4eb106041c5d26458dafc2 will do.
  7. TV boxes Armbian is a private fork we are not familiar with and we don't support. Even more determined areas and more quality hardware such as single board computers is extremely hard to support. Moving to TV boxes forum.
  8. I didn't checked yet, but I read on OpenHAb forum that their ZRAM implementation is failing. On Rpi. Which makes me believe the problem comes from the upstream.
  9. I couldn't recreate this problem by using the same image: https://armbian.tnahosting.net/dl/rockpro64/archive/Armbian_20.08.1_Rockpro64_focal_current_5.8.6_desktop.img.xz apt update apt upgrade finishes normally. You have either broken SD card or broken board.
  10. Get another SD card and try ... from what you are reporting, we can't rule our hardware related issues. Where we can help little. Also one quick tip is to slightly clock down CPU and set governor to ondemand or performance.
  11. I never crashed APT to such degree so I am running out of ideas. Perhaps other will have it ... Can you start from a clean image?
  12. Perhaps DNS problem? Workaround is adding nameserver to /etc/resolv.conf ... or there is some other network issue.
  13. From Armbian perspective all this is third party. Try this: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-java-with-apt-on-ubuntu-20-04
  14. Files you are requesting doesn't come from Armbian repository. From Ubuntu - there is likely the problem. What have you installed?