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  1. https://us06web.zoom.us/rec/share/5QtpKDSnoNj82IR5ZStwDNYIFM1-EHE2-vG8U3jrYkLm6bqcozclBREAuh4LIxFq.dpvHQSh4YzlNU1u8
  2. Quick quess. Bug in OMV wireguard install scripts or Wireguard package dependency which removes Armbian firmware and installs kernel that has no support for Odroid XU4.
  3. Probably, if not something else is also missing from the system ... worth trying. This is the content at sources: https://github.com/armbian/build/tree/main/packages/bsp/common/usr/lib/armbian-install
  4. Everything looks OK and I can't find a problem at our side at short notice. Workaround. Create this file (/usr/lib/nand-sata-install/exclude.txt) with following content: /boot/* /dev/* /proc/* /sys/* /media/* /mnt/* /run/* /tmp/* /ddbr/* /var/log/journal And try again.
  5. If board is supported, armbian-config will do.
  6. Is this a new install, upgrade from, ... This is always needed to understand better what is going on: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/5699-how-to-provide-and-interpret-debug-output/
  7. You can help developers changing this by making a pull request to include required packages into default package base - for every desktop variant.
  8. No worries, you didn't offend me. I only tried to describe you: - strong forces that are working against voluntarism, - that open source become place of high abuse. - that most of people doesn't understand that we are all loosing. People usually expect clarification.
  9. Sadly, this is not the case There is constant pressure from end users, vendors and groups organised by people that copy Armbian at industrial scale and contribute nothing back or to open source. Can be well explained with this particular case: This Orangepi employee https://github.com/leeboby made images with various hot brands, well known operating systems, all what you would expect to run on those boards, including Armbian https://github.com/leeboby/armbian-images. All those images are of course FAKE UNOFFICIAL builds which will break on first upgrade and then you came here and blame us, demand fixing, demand support (not Orangepi as they are officially not tied to that shit made software and because they anyway don't provide any support) ... which is force. We have to respond. At least with such reply - which is again forced and it creates us only damages. To reputation and lost of time. And you see us as a bad guys ... "dirty Armbian because don't help maintain my new super value hardware". You don't even think that you were fooled by dealer from Aliexpress in 1st place and we have absolutely no means to help you. All "partners" in this game are trying to abuse us: you, vendors, competitors. Software support is hard work, direct loss of precious time (money). You expect top notch support, answering on all questions ... how many people can afford to do that? Ratio is 1 person that knows something on 1000 people that knows nothing or wants something, give nothing. Support is dealing with never satisfied (this means you never even donate, which represent around 0.5% of costs we have with you) customers that expect free service. Often not even "thank you", to show some respect. You are welcome try doing support job at this forum. Every day, 20/7. Let see how long you will last This is what users expect and this is what someone needs to volunteer in order to match. Ofc this does not exists, but expectations are. Since "Armbian" images exists and this is Armbian support forum, you will keep coming ... also years after as software support is never ending story, there are upgrades all the time ... while vendor is already gone from the picture, selling you something new with the same story. As this is not bad enough, there are 3rd party organised groups that are constantly harassing and blackmailing opensource developers - example, where again we are bad guys because we are turning you down ( you don't want to hear reality, that it can take several years before bug can be fixed and/or compensation must be provided). Considering this, when constant abuse attempts are in place, we can't talk about voluntarism. There are many more reasons why this is everything but fairy tail one picture as "open source voluntarism". If you want to look deeper ... Just keep in mind that slave labor is providing this value. Officially not, but it might be brought up by someone random, so community support perhaps.
  10. Nope, build is passing: There is nothing wrong with Armbian or its build framework. The problem is lack of general understanding how expensive is keeping this cheap hardware working with constantly moving kernel. https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_FAQ/#why-does-hardware-feature-xy-work-in-old-kernel-but-not-in-more-recent-one This is open source. Nobody prevents anyone to research and fix the problem.
  11. We have skipped today's meeting.
  12. We forgot on you guys down there Good catch! Also good task for those who complain they are not contribution as they are not software developers. https://armbian.atlassian.net/browse/AR-1933
  13. If you don't use GitHub tools: sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/githubcli.list sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade
  14. Welcome to Armbian community support. Probably you are right. You don't expect from a few Armbian maintainers to fix problems for all other (competitive wanna be) distributions? At least Dietpi is directly competing with Armbian OS and without a shame making up they are better Debian and Armbian ... Average Joe can't see their sales BS which is contributing nothing to stability or overall experience - which is the value people seeks. Their usual support response on real problems: "Oh, this is kernel problem. Armbian/* developers must(!) fix that". Really? We can't fix this for our users, but we must for theirs. Sick. All replies after initial post are pretty much useless pressure making. Its against forum rules and you don't talk to open source developers this way. They are totally overloaded without this and can only turn you down? See? You feel nice about copy cats that lies "we are not responsible, they are", bad about us. This is how open source piracy works. Fixing problems is expensive. Very expensive. They, including people that sold you hardware, are equally responsible or not responsible. This year we invested lets say 10.000 hours into R&D, bug fixing, they invested 10m for fixing banal common problem. Armbian core interest is maintaining build framework https://github.com/armbian/build Download it, try it and try to use it to fix the problem you have with this hardware. When you do, make a contribution to code we ship, or directly to kernel.org You don't know how to code, but you would like our help? Check https://forum.armbian.com/staffapplications/ and start contributing daily to open source project. One full time general purpose person can have significant impact on resolving problems. In span of 5 years, months can be saved, perhaps a year. Just for sorting out labeling colors, which are still not in best order, https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/5916 I spent more then a day. I am sure this is a task anyone could do. There are tons of non hardcore development related tasks that developers are dealing with in order that this project operates and that we have fun. No fun? If there is not fun ... there is source. Dig in and fix a problem. In open source, this is your problem anyway. Currently we are struggle with those issues: https://www.armbian.com/participate/ This one was not even recorded yet as we don't have people and hiring is still not possible. Closing this topic down. Armbian provides best effort support. Nothing more to add here. If / when solution is found, its continued here https://github.com/armbian/build/pulls
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