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  1. We fix bugs every day, while you are not in a position to put any pressure on that efforts. That's the point! Being extremely supportive or being extremely hostile changes nothing in term of support from end users side. It never reached over 1% of the total costs. It's about your attitude towards community developed software. If I am polite and supportive to "you", questions (on my time and expense) never stops. It seems you never looked from the giving side? This will make all problems go away? So you do support non
  2. This is public forum, just not regulated by Armbian staff. This is still not one to one professional technical support session. You paid for the device or some support with vendor which relationship is not my business, but support efforts in general are almost entirely covered by this large grey zone. I don't want anything from you if you expect anything from me - we operate on your donations, which are free willing act. If one don't give or help with anything (for what you already got) it's a moral problem one have to live with. If you want support, request is denied and reasons represen
  3. Simplified version added to the https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Recovery/#flashing-boot-loader but perhaps it needs some clarification / adjustments.
  4. I think we have knowledge to make this tool right, we lack momentum, time, effort ... IMO we just need to set some draft frame and get going. "armbian-config-ng" or just "configurator" ?
  5. I explained you how is support with community supported open source software. Like Armbian, Debian or many other community projects in general. 99.9% of the software you use has nothing to do with "commercial support" you might have with your HW vendor. It's their choice and expense what level of support they will provide for you. You were complaining about the software we have created and we maintain. That's why I have reproduced some stuff especially for you. Even you have noticed it before, it seems you don't get it. Your relationship remains intolerant and you are trying to pu
  6. Most of Armbian is universal and unrelated to specific hardware feature that would be developed or maintained by specific HW vendor. There is a lot outside this area and daily maintenance costs of Armbian project are already around 2000 EUR. "Customers" contribution is around 10 - 15 EUR per day, hw vendors covers a few, while all the rest is paid by us, developers and maintainers ... Why I am saying this? Because resources are long gone, we can't possibly expand them and there were "1000 of people" before you asked for some improvement ... we also keep some of them in a separate forum section
  7. Now I also could recreate on one machine - its a bug ... either in this code https://github.com/armbian/config/blob/master/debian-config-jobs#L191-L274 or repository management. It can be solved addressed in a couple of weeks - months fastests.
  8. You still can do everything manually: https://imola.armbian.com/apt/pool/main/l/ download packages you need and install them. Why would you need some menu driven luxury?
  9. Did you reboot after upgrade? And then select for sources?
  10. I am not sure that it doesn't work - I only tested on my build which runs nightly and same kernel family / similar board. And also if it doesn't, we need someone that will donate his/her time to fix that. Until then, nothing will happen. https://github.com/armbian/build#support Its as stable / unstable as ArchLinux. This is not professional technical support. It's a community forum and I am giving you hints and shed some light on the problem, since I have no time to dive into the problem with you. "try this", "try that" ...
  11. Double checked on my board - updated to latest (try Focal variant like me), with current or previous u-boot, it hangs on u-boot loader, so one need to power cycle, while network works as expected http://ix.io/2QtX (like Odroid N2 and perhaps other Amlogic based ones).
  12. Kernel headers are tied to the kernel, while source package you can select. I didn't have any troubles by getting a correct version by using armbian-config but on nightly builds, which are installed on our test devices. Try to remove both packages and install them again or move to nightly builds, where I just came to: root@rockpi-4b:~# ls -l /usr/src/ total 8 drwxr-xr-x 23 root root 4096 feb 23 08:45 linux-headers-5.10.17-rockchip64 drwxrwxr-x 26 root root 4096 jan 16 12:24 linux-source-5.10.7-rockchip64 We really struggle to pay for the costs "customers" create on
  13. Does Armbian works and upgrades without severe changes (OMV) to the OS? I assume it does. If it wouldn't, then we will try to do something about. Support terms https://github.com/armbian/build#support Personally, I don't known nothing about OMV and Armbian does not support 3rd party software suites, not even software packages that are a part of the OS. Sorry. Already without that its waaaaay too much. Moving to general section.