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  1. This is crazy. I have several Opi3 and they all work, while people reporting "WiFi doesn't work". Please provide everything what you did, which image you are using, how do you trying to connect and provide full logs.
  2. Event -> Video (with transcripts and comments) 1. Merging NEXT (Jira tickets) 2. CI overview Summary: TBD
  3. No, that is not possible since untested packages won't be shipped. If you pay time wasted for testing, why not, but that you ofc didn't have intention. You expect I pay that for you, right? We don't have any budget for manual or automated testing of this feature. Its a suicide & waste of time mission from this project perspective. If you wanna play, download sources, build and test. It is no way to cover expenses for your wishes. If you can't wait few days or weeks that upstream automation provides you next version, you need to build from sources or find 3rd party PPA / repo that contains this. No other way.
  4. You are pointing to some sources on Github and asking me how to compile this? The answer is: "I don't know without research". Since you need this, you will need to find out. This has nothing to do with Armbian or me. You want to run version that is not provided as package and there is nothing I can do for you. I will ask developers that I will hire with your help to do this for you. I don't have time to deal with this, sorry. Our current system relied on a person contribution that recently passed away. https://forum.armbian.com/topic/23643-armbian-uefi-arm64-and-x86/#comment-158066
  5. If dkms package is already installed you need to run dpkg-reconfigure zfs-dkms in order to force module recompilation. If missing ZFS modules is a problem.
  6. (without providing complete logs we anyway don't know what you are talking about and there is not possible to provide any help. This below is a guess what you are doing wrong.) After you download images, de-freeze firmware upgrade. In command shell: sudo armbian-config -> system -> De-freeze (enable Armbian kernel upgrades) exit sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade Reboot and wifi must works. It works perfectly fine for me: https://paste.armbian.com/nolizanone With such hardware - pay attention to the wifi chip / version: If you are not having LTS board containing this chip, you need a different image: Click: https://www.armbian.com/orangepi3-lts/ Read: "Images for non LTS version can be downloaded here"
  7. This is the config: https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/config/kernel/linux-rockchip-rk3588-legacy.config How: 1. https://docs.armbian.com/Developer-Guide_Build-Options/ KERNEL_CONFIGURE=yes 2. Enable and save 3. And copy generated config from output/kernel/ to the build system Then make a PR https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md#submitting-pull-requests
  8. Fixed at source. (not all mirrors are in sync ATM so it still might show up for next couple of hours)
  9. Thanks! If someone has time to integrate this to Armbian standard install tool: https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/packages/bsp/common/usr/sbin/armbian-install https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Getting-Started/#how-to-install-to-emmc-nand-sata-nvme-usb + packing sata spi bootloader within u-boot package (this part is a bit tricky as blob has to be provided and packed via custom UBOOT_TARGET_MAP) https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/config/sources/families/rockchip-rk3588.conf
  10. It might not work at all as PD is borked on this hardware.
  11. until
    This week meeting topics: 1. Checking the progress of Armbian-next 2. Continuous integration scripts used on the project 3. ?? General goal of weekly meetings: To discuss the three (3) issues of the week Discussions will be documented to respective Jira tickets so they can be tracked Three (3) new issues will be selected from Jira for the next meeting The purpose of a weekly developers meeting is to coordinate development of the build engine, continuous integration, operating system features and low level support. Meetings are hosted located on Zoom (Video) and IRC and Discord (Text). While we would prefer you attend on Zoom when possibly, we will also monitor text chat during the call for those unable to join Zoom. Please RSVP either way. Do you want to participate or help in some way? Meetings are focused in developers top level topics and its expected that understand embedded software development, software testings or operating system management. In term of programming languages, knowledge of at least BASH & Python is expected. Since meetings are held in public, any registered community member can join and listen. If you want to suggest issues for the next week, you have to be recognized Armbian contributor. If you want to become one, resolve at least one intermediate level issue and tell us something about you. This is needed to efficiently communicate and to give you access to our organisation infrastructure Jira, Github, hardware lab and servers. @Contributor/Maintainer
  12. Should run better following this merge. Will be pushed to stable repository once tested - you can try by switching to nightly beta repository (armbian-config -> system).
  13. orangepi-5 orangepi3-lts orange-pi-zero-2 orange-pi-zero rock-5b ...
  14. Index is syncing 24h later to avoid "file not found" when adding packages. We rarely remove packages ...
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