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  1. Not exactly. We only use their boot loader with modern kernel and opensource multimedia routines. Solidrun has little to do with that kernel. Its not about settings. Its about maintaining and bringing functions to the modern kernel. A process that usually costs developers tens to hundreds of thousands which means there is nothing you can do about. Nor me. You will need to use their stock creations.
  2. We are using up2date Solidrun U-boot which automatically detects the board and select proper DT. If this is not done properly, you need to force loading it. Editing /boot/armbianEnv.txt or boot.cmd/scr and changing / forcing correct DT for your board. I am affraid this is probably the only way. Most likely this is the problem ... My Cubox i4 works without a problem and that is the only one I have.
  3. This is the proper way: https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Getting-Started/#how-to-prepare-a-sd-card It is essential to read what you write when using SD cards. Yes, its normal. There is a place for boot loader. Edit: Bionic version works for me.
  4. I had to force push to the master branch few days ago due to some accidental push but I doubt that had any role? Also some wireless drivers has been removed ... Have you manage to fix it in the mean time? Yes, move it out on the way if its better.
  5. And how to do we know what you are talking about without providing any logs or version numbers? We developed a special diagnostic tool which provides anonymised data for analysis: armbianmonitor -u My Helios runs fine since upgrade one moth ago. _ _ _ _ _ _ | | | | ___| (_) ___ ___| || | | |_| |/ _ \ | |/ _ \/ __| || |_ | _ | __/ | | (_) \__ \__ _| |_| |_|\___|_|_|\___/|___/ |_| Welcome to Armbian buster with Linux 4.19.104-mvebu System load: 0.09 0.04 0.01 Up time: 29 days
  6. http://wiki.banana-pi.org/Banana_Pi_BPI-P2_Zero#Documents http://wiki.banana-pi.org/BPI-9600_IEEE_802.3af_PoE_module Sadly no gigabit, not the smallest and no official Armbian support. If still acceptable, you can try and adopt Armbian.
  7. SD card swapping at this point. For that it would be ideally to use @Hijax invention. But already without, I see where things needs repair.
  8. Currently it does not retries. Only once. Will do two retries, otherwise error.
  9. New Armbian CI autotest facility: Switch: https://amzn.to/2w91QIZ USB PSU: https://amzn.to/2R2mzW8 HUB: https://amzn.to/343ysQS
  10. With this TV you can probably only use Armbian with 4.4. kernel due to HDMI 2 VGA adaptor. Modern kernel is also slightly more power hungry which could make troubles. A device for 1 USD http://amzn.to/2wbNkLp would safe us hundreds. Get one and show boot logs on console.
  11. Are you sure? https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Getting-Started/#how-to-check-download-authenticity Moving to TV boxes. (un-official armbian ports)
  12. No, you need eMMC or SD or SPI. Also beware that all RK3399 boards have not fully matured support, mainline kernel is here but there are bugs here and there, sometimes we break some functionality, not exactly critical ... but if you want to have latest and greatest, this is the price you have to pay. By the time you get the board, some of the current problems will be fixed anyway
  13. I made some updates to related wireless drivers today. Build from sources and try if there is any better.
  14. Sources install is the slowest process. Not just download, but also unpacking, lots of small files. I plan to group tests later ... now just trying to make usable ones and create an engine. Since this is not designed for end users in first place, things like this does not matter. This tools is for analysing the situation. For me, it tells very little at this point. Current tests are inside only to build a system around ... while several hundreds of testes should be the correct number. I doubt we will ever get there, but it has to be made possible.
  15. Sadly, I do everything else but using it - actually I was using it as AP during the holiday and I don't recall any troubles (2-3 clients max) I am always using hostapd configuration made by the tool I made. If I find a problem with that tool, I fix it: