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  1. Igor

    Helios4 Support

    This should not happen. Can you explain exactly what you did and provide serial console logs.
  2. 4.19.y on NEXT branch seems to be a mistake and I am preparing a downgrade. Back to 4.14.y ... too many troubles. That is Debian people decision. We are good for another year since we will not move to next stable base right away. If you want to run OMV, you have to forget about Bionic. It will not work there. At least not without severe hacking.
  3. We don't support 3rd party hardware. https://www.armbian.com/get-involved
  4. Igor

    Tritium H3 settings

    We don't have capacity to deal with "you" in this number. Simple as that.
  5. Igor

    Tritium H3 settings

    We don't support 3rd party builds. https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Getting-Started/#how-to-check-download-authenticity nor this board: https://www.armbian.com/tritium-h3/ Moving to community section.
  6. Jep And in such cases, support assitance can't do much. We only try to fix our errors, not yours It's not paranoia but switching to "I don't care" mode. We have do draw a line because this technical support is most expensive and most abused part of the project. We can't possibly cover Debian Jessie upstream issues. That's why.
  7. Workaround is by switching to kernel 4.14.y and freeze kernel upgrades. armbian-config -> system
  8. Igor

    Mavell 88W8897 as Hotspot

    Since you have 8814AU. Is that adaptor working within armbian-config? Can you set AP with it?
  9. Igor

    Mavell 88W8897 as Hotspot

    That method works if drivers for this chip are capable of running AP. Standard way. No idea if this chip works at all.
  10. I am sorry but I could not find any Debian Jessie image for the download ... Official OMV Stretch image with installed all updates = kernel switching without problems or code modifications Armbian Debian Stretch with installed all updates = kernel switching without problems or code modifications When you switch kernel, you need to freeze it otherwise it will be upgraded at next apt update / upgrade.
  11. They are hidden if there is nothing new in them. This can be set per forum. Probably. I'll try. It's already enabled in Technical support section. Auto-lock will follow - i did testing in recycle bin and it seems to work properly.
  12. Igor

    Cubietruck - which image to chooe?

    - screen must be attached at boot time. - if you use some HDMI2VGA converter you might have problems - images were tested many times and they work fine - NAND is less reliable than a modern SD card and not supported in modern kernel
  13. Igor

    General questions and answers

  14. Igor