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  1. Igor

    dm-raid module missing

    I doubt rarmbian-config can not make such a mess. Start with a clean image or clean the mess Remove: apt purge linux-image-dev-sunxi64 linux-dtb-dev-sunxi64 linux-xenial-root-dev-orangepipc2 linux-u-boot-orangepipc2-dev and switch back to stable. If you fail ... start with a new image.
  2. Igor

    dm-raid module missing

    You are running an unsupported development kernel and you didn't supply the most important information: armbianmonitor -u to help you get back to the stable builds.
  3. Igor

    Problems installing docker

    No, there is no support for NAND in the modern kernel. AFAIK you can enable in armbian-config via overlay and access it, but you can't boot from it. Unfortunately, the problem you face is quite common - you have to make compromises. BTW. NAND is slower and less reliable than most modern SD cards.
  4. Igor

    Debian 9 Stretch Builds Failing

    Try now .
  5. Igor

    Problems installing docker

    Forget about. Docker needs a newer version. You need to move to NEXT 4.14.y kernel and it will work.
  6. Igor

    Debian 9 Stretch Builds Failing

    Deboostrap failing at icon-theme(s) hunts me for a long time. I thought I found/fix the problem, but it looks like it was yet another random "fix". Now searching for another workaround ... at Bionic we have also gnome-icon-theme failing, which is stock desktop dependencies ...
  7. Igor

    [Odroid HC2] Stretch upgrade, OMV error

    Yes, but probably not here since it is not related to Armbian. https://forum.openmediavault.org/index.php/BoardList/?s=3f87de5366dd6cda7384cedb5c1c1d4fe4304744
  8. Igor

    Cubietruck & Armbian SSH login message

    One option is simply to throw out those numbers since they contain no valuable info. We have armbianmonitor, where we see all those things. BTW. I am ready with general BSP update for all boards. Upgrade worked well on all test subjects ... we could also add replace zram-config to automatically remove this package ... since our ZRAM logging and ZSWAP is not getting in action in case zram-config is in installed.
  9. That would work on stable builds, but 100% won't work on a build @Anatolii Kraskovskiy is using. Overlay support is completely broken there - we just recently fixed this on 4.17.y and I am not sure it is working properly since I haven't test it yet. We are still preparing this kernel.
  10. Observe how console parameter works: https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/config/bootscripts/boot-sunxi.cmd#L31-L32 console=display > armbianEnv.txt
  11. Igor

    No I2S on Lime2 (kernel 4.14.14)

    Me too and ATM I don't know why they are not present.
  12. Igor

    Problems installing docker

    You forget to supply the most important data. Not possible to help. Type: armbianmonitor -u
  13. Igor

    Debian 9 Stretch Builds Failing

    Remove cache/rootfs and try again. (i will try to recreate the problem in the mean time)
  14. You are asking questions which are not covered by free support. If we would have paid support this would also no be covered. We explicitly state where possible, that development builds are not supported. You can ask things but expect nobody will give you an answer. Solving problems, which you think they are simple, can perhaps require 100, 500 or 1000 of engineering hours to solve. Any might not go the way you want. What was developed or what is getting to be developed for Allwinner chips can be found here: https://linux-sunxi.org/Linux_mainlining_effort#Status_Matrix Most of the recent stuff is clearly not on the end user level and require deep understanding to fix something. Even the smallest problem. In the meantime, the main developer (who is/will not do this for the end user but for other motives) can fix the problem or completely change the code ...
  15. Have you noticed and read the red warning text at login? You are using some old automated image/kernel combo made for testing/developers only. There is no end-user support for many reasons. One is obvious - why on earth would anyone dig into EOL development kernel, which is full of junk and was never released ... We don't try to fix development versions on the spot. Issues are collecting, prioritizing and they are eventually fixed. We are putting all of our efforts to make 4.17.y / 4.18.y up and running. What is the best for you? Build your own NEXT kernel and hope for the best. Hope. Bugs are present, but perhaps they might not interfere with your use case.