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  1. This is a bug, somewhere in ATF / boot loader areas. Hard to say why it doesn't proceed ... needs to be investigated by someone that have: knowledge, time, hardware, ... IIRC I have seen this kind of behaviour on some other board, but don't recall what is the exact cause ... Let's wait for some clues and ideas.
  2. There was no URL like http://ix.io/2cr7 ? You use official Armbian? I assume you have internet connection on that board? What about dmesg after you plug and unplug that usb device?
  3. Please provide logs with: armbianmonitor -u
  4. Greetings! https://docs.armbian.com/Developer-Guide_User-Configurations/#user-provided-image-customization-script
  5. PR here: https://github.com/armbian/build/tree/master/packages/bsp/common/etc/update-motd.d Cheers!
  6. Indeed. I tried to find templates to make them in no time ... I also support the change. If you wait for me - next week or more. My workstation is severely crippled and even small things takes lots of time.
  7. I would say both at the same time? Whatever we are agreed upon, we are documenting here https://github.com/armbian/documentation/blob/master/docs/Process_Release-Model.md that we have a better process plan for next release. Thanks, noted. BTW. It seems my Teres have some hardware issues
  8. Igor

    Seed our torrents

    Uppped to 256Gb to be future ready. Thanks.
  9. Joerg manage to revitalize it: https://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=114&p=282220#p282220
  10. Done. You won't believe but I also don't find it
  11. Nice to hear this I hope we will get more such reports which could remove "testing" label.
  12. At least this can be explainable - it happens sometimes - don't have a fix https://github.com/armbian/config/issues/33
  13. Just your USB keyboard (low priority problem which you can also solve) is not working or not a single USB device (higher priority problem)? Did you tried all ports? Did you try to enable all USB ports in armbian-config -> system -> hardware ? Perhaps there was a change in upstream DT configuration that slipped by without notice. I am sure USB ports were working on this board last time I tried but can't double check for this particular build since I have no access to hardware until next week. I hope some other Opi 2e owner will be able to do that.