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  1. Donations give you nothing in return. You support what you already get. They current ly cover less than 0.5% of project costs. Now think again what you are asking ... Wrote on mobile
  2. You are not booting Armbian but your "empty" eMMC. Remove it for now.
  3. Probably there is a bug in the board DT or withing u-boot. Close inspection and comparing to reality is needed.
  4. https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/lib/compilation-prepare.sh WIREGUARD="no" EXTRAWIFI="no" AUFS="no"
  5. Aha, I knew it has to be one of those odd issues.
  6. Manual work to adjust patches is required since there were many changes since. If you don't know how, perhaps try to hire people to do that for you.
  7. Strange. Do you have network connection at the time you were trying to upgrade? You just also try to make a fresh build on a separate SD card to see if that works.
  8. Your build directory is probably not clean and it does not change properly. Hmm ... but there are older binaries in the https://apt.armbian.com/pool/main/l/ Install them + armbian-config -> system -> update boot loader (+ de-install older before)
  9. Until you don't provide logs with armbianmonitor -u we have no idea what you are talking about nor we can't be sure you are using Armbian. Which board, which kernel? Most modern kernel has driver enabled, but it could fell out by mistake ...
  10. We had this issue for some time but eventually it was fixed - i test it myself. https://github.com/armbian/build/issues/770
  11. A20 boards have matured supported and its hard to understand why this is not working for you. Even network interfaces on Banana had some issues in the past which could resurface by some wrong configuration ... Without logs nobody knows what you are actually using and doing. It is very important to see which version of kernel and u-boot you are using (to help you and to fix the problem if it exists) and if that kernel has been upgraded. This also means its not Armbian problem - we are covering low level functions. We can't and not even try to fix bugs in user land. That's your problem - talk with its authors (Network manager or whatever application you are trying to use).
  12. Try to update boot loader (armian-config -> system)
  13. OP was commenting about missing WLAN on Olimex boards as a critical missing component while ignoring the most important aspect: software support (maturity). I would say yet another misguided by hardware specs/numbers. Which sells, yes, but tells little if they don't work as advertised.
  14. It depends on your know-how, time, desire, ... there are many things what can be done. We all tend to look away on maintenance tasks. Things which are on a long run and nobody notice that someone has to take care. Helping on maintaining any of https://github.com/armbian repositories content. From low level, bash scripting (armbian-config) all the way to (general) docs. They all need constant updating.