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  1. Are you using Armbian from our download site or unofficial build from Olimex? Please supply as much info as possible. I haven't notice any troubles with my Rev. K so far.
  2. Yes, I went into a small research and got that far. And stopped there. Also low on time for this kind of complexity. Mainline u-boot/kernel exists, where at least building should be less complicated but its apparently not very usable ... Not very happy to go the "stupid" way
  3. In case you experience instability, read at the download page what you have to do.
  4. T3+ updated to latest kernel, logs: http://ix.io/1MNl iperf ping Absolutely no network problems.
  5. next, default -> 4.14.127 dev -> 5.1.15 apt update & apt upgrade
  6. I see now that I gave you wrong instructions, sorry. Uploads for packages that are common to all go to "debs" and script redistribute / link across all different variants. Only distribution specific packages goes into sub dirs ... tree is the same as in build script, which is also behind handling this. I also forgot to mention that it would be best to compile from "cosmetics" branch where a few bugs has been fixed. I'll fix this in next hour. Any input here to help merging or closing is valuable: https://github.com/armbian/build/pulls https://github.com/armbian/build/issues
  7. @balbes150 Is there any existing scripting to make u-boot/kernel/image or it has to be make?
  8. To all user space variants: Stretch, Buster, Bionic, Disco, ... Yes, that is optional - its updated upon manual intervention only. Not needed. Memory is used optimally by default if you have it enough ... FORCE_USE_RAMDISK="yes" switch might help.
  9. We need refference to our older builds since I dont recall such troubles. Stock FA image is completly different. Different uboot and kernel. OS / userland usually doesnt play any role in such troubles. Wrote on mobile
  10. It uses stock u-boot where initial voltage demands are obviously (by random and not because to address this problem) set differently. HDD drain more power at power up and if board also consumes a lot at the same moment , voltage drop will be too big and board will just shut down ... you can't beat the physical laws. It is not possible to boot modern kernel with that u-boot ... hardware hacks - powering via GPIO or soldering a battery might help.
  11. Than its pretty normal that it doesn't boot. Talk to people which design this board so poorly ... From previous century full of bugs? Not recommended.
  12. ... or try oldest/older images from archive https://dl.armbian.com/nanopct3plus/archive/
  13. Try to update and upgrade system before trying that. You have unchanged system?