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  1. https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/2129
  2. INSTALL_KSRC="yes" and they should be: https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/lib/distributions.sh#L321-L323
  3. You need to create a file .ignore_changes in the build directory. Not sure if this is a bug ... but this way it will remain on a checked bnanch. But anyway - sources will not be in the repository since we don't build and host sources for each upstream version. If you need the exact version, build image (upgrade deb pack) with BUILD_KSRC="yes" I think default is to build it. https://docs.armbian.com/Developer-Guide_Build-Options/ https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/lib/compilation.sh#L324-L335
  4. Added new feature - text ads. Can also be graphical ...
  5. Which is why we prepared a special tool - a script you ran on your machine. We are not serving ads and throwing away a lot of money, just that you hopefully see the important information and don't waste our time Its not exactly hidden - its actually everywhere ... https://forum.armbian.com/forum/2-common-issues/
  6. Until we don't see your logs its nothing.
  7. I am not very familiar with Fedora user land so there is impossible to support you in porting build script there or make it Fedora friendly. Sorry. On the other hand - there is a lot of maintenance related to this script - easily translated to full time job for a few people to keep things up with the users wishes. This means porting elsewhere and forget is IMO pointless job. We have seen several forks died this way - extreme underestimation for the cost of maintenance. I do understand that your goal is "just" compiling the kernel ... solo that task is simple and you don't need to deal with the script - you can extract needed info, but again - I have no idea how it has to be packed, especially one wants also that "advanced" features such as kernel headers, sources, blobs and overlays works flawlessly ... If you strictly limit yourself on compiling vanilla kernel, this is good enough, you can also use CC (from v6 - to v9 is probably fine for current vanilla kernel) that comes with the distribution, while for example if you need to compile Odroid N2 image (with mainline kernel or not) for example, you will need different set of compilers. And our build system was build around the need to cover such (very standard in ARM SBC) scenarios. If you want to include some wireless drivers, you will sometimes need to fix the code to meet modern compiler standards ... its much more simpler and faster to declare "use this version of compiler". We have no intention and absolutely no resources (armbian is already insane expensive and its mainly our private cost) to support porting this to Fedora or anywhere else. Even keeping Debian clones is hard/wasteful enough ... we only want to build image and focus there. Not to build on every possible Linux on the planet. I hope you do understand that - nothing against Fedora or your - fully legit - stand point. I'll move it down to Development / Armbian build script.
  8. Beta repository with latest armbian trunk: - support for N2+ - sunxi/sunxi64 DEV kernel 5.8.y, most of others stays at 5.7.y. Images will also be rebuild, but update should bring the same experience.
  9. Done. Now moving topics (with link leaving there) to this forum is needed. In case someone finds time, otherwise I'll do it later. Readability is also a matter, not just logical mixing. Here perhaps simply merging H6 into H5/A64 won't be that bad and its even logical. Agree. That should stay as is. It should be there for "urgent, stupid things or combination of both with a bad luck. Most boards doesn't start due to bad powering and that will not just go away. But we can add a restriction that post have to be approve by moderator in any case ... ? Yeah.
  10. I do understand that. Just trying to narrow the problem down. Sorry, I am not a hard disk recovery expert. No idea.
  11. Armbian images are tested - we don't want to waste your time ... but did you read what's written on the download pages? Tinkerboard has some critical problems, which are impossible to fix in software.
  12. Does the board works fine with a clean latest Armbian and some other drive?
  13. If you have time, DEV branch is safe for bumping to 5.8.y with a pull request (we merge after release). regardless of the release ... just keep it build-able and make sure to include all the patches that are in and yet to come to 5.7.y if they are needed. Edit: probably we need to adjust all / many wireless drivers for 5.8.y Some already are.
  14. My big test rig: 32 devices IN https://dl.armbian.com/_test-reports/2020-08-04_21.44.52.html 31 devices OUT Only Orange Pi Zero Plus 2 failed to respond after extreme testings ...