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  1. Those are early experimental builds and we didn't get any further. Last week I tried to attach C2 to 4.14 but the board constantly crashed during boot, USB is sometimes up sometimes not ... there are many troubles to solve first before dealing with MALI. I gave up for now.
  2. I see you are using self-made image ... how about our nightly images? https://dl.armbian.com/orangepizero/Ubuntu_xenial_next_nightly.7z Do they work for you o.k. ?
  3. Provide full logs with armbianmonitor -u
  4. Orange Pi R1

    Update: https://www.armbian.com/orange-pi-r1/ Debian Jessie and Ubuntu Xenial with 3.4.113 (stable) Debian Stretch with 4.13.14 (nightly testing) Bootlogs: http://sprunge.us/TZIQ Running AP: wlan0 IEEE 802.11bgn ESSID:"ARMBIAN" Nickname:"<WIFI@REALTEK>" Mode:Master Frequency:2.432 GHz Access Point: 08:EA:40:7C:02:B1 Bit Rate:150 Mb/s Sensitivity:0/0 Retry:off RTS thr:off Fragment thr:off Encryption key:off Power Management:off Link Quality:0 Signal level:0 Noise level:0 Rx invalid nwid:0 Rx invalid crypt:0 Rx invalid frag:0 Tx excessive retries:0 Invalid misc:0 Missed beacon:0
  5. It's a small bug. Fixed. Tomorrow there will be a new server test image as well: https://github.com/armbian/build/commit/f586584df4cb7b9e208a2d8c112685d09fca6aba
  6. Upcoming release questions

    I forced compiler re-download, cleared sources again. It builds o.k. but the result is the same
  7. Upcoming release questions

    Any quick fix for this? This? will proceed with the investigation in the evening.
  8. Upcoming release questions

    Besides this, what about MALI? Currently, its also broken for legacy builds? Still something wrong with Clearfog:
  9. Bananapi suddenly powers off

    http://sprunge.us/eiFf There are no problems with Armbian. Bananapi M1 + USB hub + AC Wireless access point. Connected at boot time or later, in any case, it works perfectly fine. Armbian is not responsible for hardware design failures. Either use powered USB hub or some other board.
  10. Z28 [RK3328] 1/8

    My Z28 PRO is running Armbian using this method and our Rock Nightly image https://dl.armbian.com/rock64/Ubuntu_xenial_default_nightly.7z ... of course, fine-tuning is needed since I don't see ethernet nor Wifi, but luckily there is a screen and USB. http://sprunge.us/UeGE Serial console login works. How to get properly into MASK ROM mode, which is needed to flash to eMMC on Alfawise Z28 PRO? Short a resistor marked on a picture and attach male A-A USB cable to USB otg port - on the other end as USB3.
  11. NanoPi Duo (plus Mini Shield)

    Not on mainline kernel. This used to be the case with legacy. I see.
  12. Download the latest image, use/switch to beta and do apt-get update & upgrade. Than run armbian-config ...
  13. https://docs.armbian.com/#what-is-armbian Most of the utilities are installable from a standard Debian repository and all you need to do is: apt install name_of_the_package .... Never heard of Katoolin tools before and I don't know if it work 100% on Armbian but since they say you need Ubuntu, get Ubuntu based Armbian. Simple as that. The problem might be if the tools were designed for some older Ubuntu and never updated ... Low-level hardware support is far the best in Armbian so the decision is fairly simple. Are there any issues? Of course they are, but way way less than anywhere else. Neglectable.
  14. Forgot to add. Tomorrow. https://github.com/armbian/build/commit/874604b94f0c48c38a7adacc9bd44e30079a5449
  15. https://www.quora.com/What-are-all-the-benefits-of-using-Kali-Linux "... who want to front like they’re computer cracking experts just because they saw it on an episode of Mr. Robot" Probably the best "Kali Linux experiences" would be Armbian Linux with modern kernel + those "cracking tools": Nmap Aircrack-ng Kismet Wireshark Metasploit Framework Burp suite John the Ripper Social Engineering Toolkit Maltego Ettercap OWASP ZAP