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  1. Hi all, After some months of stop I purchased a USB box for my SATA drive and flashed it with Win32load using the same procedure I used for USB sticks. The only problem I encountered is that it wipes the full disk even of you install on a partition. What you get in a working ARm box with Linux, portable, cheap and lightweight, with a full blown hard disk (1tb in my case). Impressive! Inviato dal mio MI 8 Lite utilizzando Tapatalk
  2. Ho all, after few weeks of testing and some Summer stop I still did not do any extra step. I gave up on ethernet, I al now trying to boot this unit from the SATA drive. I have a working USB pen with armbian on it, how could I trasfer the OS to the SATA drive? Inviato dal mio MI 8 Lite utilizzando Tapatalk
  3. UPDATE: I tested vim2 dtb and It works, I did not notice major differences vs q200, ethernet still not working. Ifconfig does not show eth0 while ifconfig -a lists eth0 too. Any help?
  4. Thanks, I will test vim2 dtb and check the ethernet support. With q200/1 everything but ethernet is ok, wifi included. The remote is not working out-of-the-box, my next challenge is to configure lirc. Anyone succeeded in having a working remote?
  5. I purchased this TV box for my project to make an Hybrid media player/server based on Linux. I selected the Excelvan TV box as it Is the only based on S912 and with a SATA Port to add an hard disk. The idea is to: - install Armbian - install and activate Kodi stand alone - install Media server (Plex or Emby) Anyone succeeded in getting a fully working Armbian installation? Can It boot from the SATA disk? So far I succeeded in installing Armbian (dtb gxm-q200) from USB but ethernet port is not working. I am waiting for an HD Firecuda 1TB to test of it can run from the SATA disk. Appreciate any help on my project. Inviato dal mio MI 8 Lite utilizzando Tapatalk