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  1. I don't know what else to try. My OPi3 Fails 100% of the attempts to use.... sometimes it doesn't even finish the boot, sometimes i can type login/pass before it freezes. Tried many many different nightly images.... It works stable with LibreElec beta image, but, I don't want to use mine (only) as kodi media center....
  2. I have tried on my OPi3 the latest 5.3 nightly Buster and Buster Minimal, trying with USB power and DC connector 3A PS. It crashed in all cases....
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  4. Hi Igor, downloaded from main downloads page. But, anyway, after apt update / apt upgrade / reboot, I was able to change resolution without problems.
  5. Hi all, I've bought a M4 4GB, installed Armbian Bionic and enabled video and 3D acceleration. Then, when I run glmark2 it says that my graphic card is a vmware, not the T860. What have I done wrong?