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  1. System works well. Armbian-config option "Set CPU .." is broken.
  2. Tnx for the information. I did it just a minute before this way and it works :-) Anyhow, tnx a lot.
  3. I have updated from stretch to buster with apt by modifying the sources.list. Went fine. How to manualy update the kernel out of Armbian_5.87_Aml-s905_Debian_buster_default_5.1.0_20190529, Armbian-config does not find the new kernel. Another issue i have, i cant change the locales. Stuck to LNG=en_US.UTF-8 and most of the LC_.. = "C" Armbian-config and MC e.g. looks wierd of this issue. Regards cyber
  4. Sorry for double posting. Hope this post is here in the right thread. Hello, I have installed Armbian 5.8.2 (strectch) with with 5.1.0 rc1 kernel (on internal emmc) onto a X96Max box. I want to use the box as NAS to substitute an old dockstar device. NFS and SMB is running well. But i have problems with the USB3 port, a powered USB3 hub disappears under heavy load. And with it all 4 connected drives. The drives are all powered with it's own power supply. The USB2 port runs like in slow motion. Much less then the expected USB2 speed. An unpowered USB2 hub connected to the USB3 port runs stable with all the drives with the expected speed. I think it is a firmware issue. So i have two questions. How can i update the firmware of the box and how can i update the kernel to 5.2 without doing a fresh install into the emmc. I am lucky that the system runs in emmc after a lot of tries. Regards cyber