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  1. So the hope of having a usable raspberry-like desktop is a long way off. I had hoped this since it was presented as an open source card well supported by linux, wow more power, more ram, emmc... The versions on the website of the manufacturer are old and gruesome. I hate android as a desktop, it seems to be the only fully functional system, plus they are still on android 7. At this point the only possible use for this card that comes to my mind is to use board as a NAS. It's not the first time I've been screwed, I made this mistake with odroid u2 with mali, purchased and immediately abandoned
  2. Hi guys, i dont'understand well mali driver status. Someone can explain me if a working driver exist? And if exist what is best method for build a functional driver? Ive read someting about full mali ddk source that require a license but is not clear if opensouce driver is equivalent or has limitation. I have found: If i build this there is some hope to having some kind of accelleration for a normal desktop life like showing wideo with high framerate, Youtube, etc? Thanks in ad
  3. Hi, i have joined for testing your build in Orangepi3. Thanks for your work!