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  1. Hello team, I noticed the following lines during script run: Free space: grep: | tee -a $DEST/debug/debootstrap.log: No such file or directory [ o.k. ] Ending debootstrap process and preparing cache [ jessie ] as you can see, free space is neither logged nor displayed. I found 2 occurrences in, but I don't get what's wrong there...?
  2. Just an information: After upgrading the build environment to Xenial the segfaults disappeared; it seems the qemu version is much better. I was even able to use make with $CTHREADS inside chroot!
  3. Thanks Zador, this seems to be the problem - now I have a display output again! Anyway the messages are still in Xorg.log, but at the moment I won't care.
  4. Hi Zador, (just for info - I will have to check the new fetch routine, unfortunately it doesn't work well with my mirrored repos at the moment and for QT automatic inclusion of submodules is not ideal) I have set the variable to "nobuild" and it seems I have the driver now. But there is still no desktop... I noticed the following: [ o.k. ] Installing [ armbian-tools-jessie_5.17_armhf.deb ] [ o.k. ] Installing additional application [ USB redirector ] make: *** No rule to make target 'clean'. Stop. install: cannot stat 'a10disp': No such file or directory [ o.k. ] Installing deskto
  5. Thanks Zador. What ist the default value of EXTERNAL_NEW or in other words what should happen if it's unset?
  6. have there been more changes for Desktop recently except the repos? Yesterday I have updated and tried to compile, noticed that the function "fetch_from_github" was gone (replaced by "fetch_from_repo"?). After I changed my script accordingly I was able to compile, but the desktop doesn't come up any more. It looks like "fbturbo" module is completely missing? I don't see any reference to this in the logs; where should it be so I can try to debug?
  7. Did you miss some lines in the scripts by chance? (latest lib, lime2, 3.4.112, jessie, with extras and desktop) [ o.k. ] Applying common tweaks install: cannot stat '/[...]/lib/config/hostapd/hostapd.conf': No such file or directory install: cannot stat '/[...]/lib/config/hostapd/hostapd.realtek.conf': No such file or directory
  8. oops, I must have missed that - so the recommended build environment is Xenial now?
  9. /me = dumb. I've had that already in another project, so it was/is just c'n'p for the variable definitions (which should be set in IMHO), the rest is search-and-replace. Compilation finished in the meantime: Inclusion of the conf worked as expected, and also the after-build hook!
  10. Currently I'm working only with one board, so for me it's not an issue. The idea is in case the Armbian script gets broken for a specific board only (I've had this some time ago for a BBB) you would be able to set LIB_TAG to the latest working one in the config-<thisboard>.conf file. At the moment for me the actual master works fine, so no need here - I justed wanted to bring it to your attention in case you didn't consider this yet. I just have changed my lib.conf to define the hook and now it's compiling. Regarding my 2nd remark, there LIB_TAG was just an example, you also cann
  11. Thanks for the hook, I think this will do very good! But regarding the parameters and the inclusion script I have still some questions: you placed the script AFTER Armbian self-update. This means one will not be able to provide a LIB_TAG by the additional script. maybe I'm not experienced enough in bash scripting, but to my knowledge parameters don't have priority over code. This means if contains LIB_TAG="" this won't work: LIB_TAG="v1.0" ./ ...or do I miss something? That's the main reason why I proposed the slightly more complex syntax in the patch.
  12. Hm, the forum doesn't support nested quotes? may be it's a little harder to read, but as the user doesn't have to change anything here I would not consider this a problem. The name of the variable and its standard value are visible and well documented in the comments, so if the user wants to have them changed he would do it in the separate conf (in standard syntax)... Oops, I have overlooked this one. This is better indeed, but it will work only as long as we don't expect more than 1 parameter, correct? good point, I never tried. $SUDO_USER was the only reference to the "real" logged-in u
  13. I have done some changes to Variables are now defined ONLY if not passed otherwise, so they can be set elsewhere without the need to make changes in this file (not necessary, just for readability of code) I have added the escape-sequences for the ANSI-coloring as variables, so they can be used anywhere later. This is just in case someone prefers other colors for output and doesn't want to change each line individually. At the moment it only works within as I didn't touch other scripts yet, but I can easily do if I should! in case a file named "armbian_user.conf" is fou
  14. If it helps: It's not in the log files, but on screen I saw this message: rm: cannot remove '/{...}/output/cache/sdcard/tmp/overlay': Device or resource busy