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  1. Dear Igor, I am so sorry for my noobism. After 2 successful boots of my board with new PSU random boot errors started occurring again. Seems like I hit that successful boots and assumed new PSU was the source of success. Wrote latest server version of Armbian to my SD card and run the armbianmonitor -U after first successful boot without errors occurred. Please see attachment for log. armbianmonitor_log.txt
  2. Problem solved. Ordered 8A/5V PSU from Ali-Express (revealed to be 6A) and all works fine. Oh that Chinese tech people. They can forge single-plate computer but can not forge adequate PSU.
  3. Ordered Orange Pi Win Plus from official Orange Pi store, it came with bundled PSU. I always get different errors when latest (by post date) linux Armbian starts and sometimes it starts correctly. I read this forum carefully and found out this is shitty PSU symptoms, so I took 20 Amps ampermeter and short-circuit PSU through it for 2 seconds, display stopped counting at 1.42 Amps. It is below specs where literally 2 Amps is required! Besides this I measured voltage and current near board PSU outlet, I got max current it eats through boot process is 0.54 Amps and voltage falls max to 5.32 Volts. Seems like PSU must fit this board but I still get that low power issues. Physics laws are wrong or what?) Someone maybe can tell me voltage should not be lower than X so board will work good. X = ? My multimeter looks like this: https://i.ibb.co/h8JJ5j6/Digital-Multimeter-VC9808-with-Frequency-Capacitance-Temperature.jpg
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