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  1. yes, the build script are impressive and make it really easy. Thanks for the little push... the kernel is running fine and I already made a PR
  2. Thanks, I was kinda hoping for a different answer I haven't compiled a kernel for a long time. I guess I need to change that...
  3. Nope, I couldn't find it and a quick search turned up nothing: find /lib /usr /opt -name 'tun.ko'
  4. Hi all, I just downloaded the latest Armbian Bionic release and tried the new 5.0 kernel. So far everything looks good, but I can't get openvpn to work. The /dev/net/tun device is missing and I can't load the module. Since I'm new to armbian and my search didn't turn up any help - is there a way to get it to work? Thanks in advance, Jan