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  1. I think you misunderstood the tone. It wasn't a demand, it was an observation. Although ... it would be nice if there were some sort of release notes or FAQ entries for each build (Bionic, Buster, Focal and kernels 4.4.x, 5.x.x) outlining what works and what doesn't. Users could then make an educated decision beforehand, instead of discovering later that <hardware thing> doesn't work yet in a specific release/kernel.
  2. The USB-C port is NOT working at all on 5.7.15 either. I'm specifically concerned about storage. Works fine with Ubuntu 18 and 4.4 kernel.
  3. I couldn't get it to work at all. IMO, Friendly generally has sketchy hardware compatibility and only loosely adheres to specs and standards.
  4. What I ended up doing for NanoPC T4 is disable the systemd service and in rc.local: /usr/bin/brcm_patchram_plus_rk3399 --enable_hci --no2bytes \ --use_baudrate_for_download --tosleep 200000 --baudrate 1500000 \ --enable_lpm --patchram /lib/firmware/brcm/BCM4345C5.hcd /dev/ttyS0 & > ... bluetooth doesn't work and I've got a flood in Rock Pi 4 syslog The --enable_lpm stops the flood and allows it to more-or-less complete. FWIW I haven't yet seen an Armbian 5.x kernel where both wifi and bluetooth actually worked on the T4, but I haven't tried 5.x since I started messing around with brcm_patchram so maybe ...
  5. After bootup I get # systemd-analyze Bootup is not yet finished. Please try again later. # systemctl list-jobs JOB UNIT TYPE STATE 142 systemd-update-utmp-runlevel.service start waiting 114 rk3399-bluetooth.service start running 1 multi-user.target start waiting If I stop rk3399-bluetooth.service everything completes and list-jobs is clean, but then bluetooth stops working. I've tried a few things in the rk3399-bluetooth unit file but so far I've not been able to find a way to make systemd happy and finish cleanly. By the way, in the service file it uses "--use_baudrate_for_downloade", typo and should be "--use_baudrate_for_download"
  6. Is there any chance of an update for this kit? An additional kit for Buster would also be most welcome, if possible.
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