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  1. Six days ago i installed Armbian Buster mainline based kernel 5.3.y, Armbian 19.11.3, Welcome to Armbian Buster with Linux 5.3.9-sunxi and latest update on an Orange PI R1. I have multiple kernel panics during some network operations: Starting OpenVPN or set a interface (wlan0) up down. Are there any known issues? Message from syslogd@localhost at Nov 26 09:06:13 ... kernel:[48503.690394] Internal error: Oops: 5 [#1] SMP THUMB2 kernel:[48503.799195] Process RTW_CMD_THREAD (pid: 1040, stack limit = 0x4f9a57
  2. I've recently bought a Rock Pi 4a Board and can't get running armbian (The Image provided by Radxa works) but I want to get running the latest version. I've tried both nightly builds Armbian Bionic nightly development branch 4.20.y (22.05.2019)and Armbian Stretch nightly development branch 4.20.y Both Image boots U-Boot but cannot start the kernel: U-Boot 2017.09-armbian (May 22 2019 - 04:11:32 +0200) Model: RockPi-4B DRAM: 3.9 GiB DCDC_REG1@vdd_center: ; enabling DCDC_REG2@vdd_cpu_l: ; enabling DCDC_REG3@vcc_ddr: ; enabling (ret: -38) DCDC_REG4