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  1. Dear Igor, I have succeeded to create a standalone access point. The problem is coming from TKIP (Temporal Key Integrity Protocol) used in WPA. I think one of the ciphering algorithms needed by TKIP is not installed in the kernel, it may be arc4. Are we setting CONFIG_CRYPTO_ARC4=y while building kernel? I used another protocol then TKIP in hostapd config and now I am OK.
  2. Dear Igor, This, "you need to have an active internet connection to setup AP" confused me a bit... I don't want to "share" the internet from another channel (another wifi or GPRS/3G) from my device... Basically my Orange Pi device will sit on a long pole and will create a WiFi access point at a definite time (between 23:00 and 24:00 for example) and my sensors will join the WiFi network Orange Pi created and send their data to Orange Pi. And at another certain time (for example every Sunday between 13:00 and 16:00) a mobile device with WiFi will come to collect data from Orange Pi. This time Orange Pi will join the mobile device's WiFi. For all this, only one WiFi adaptor should suffice without any internet connection.
  3. Dear Igor, I will try to establish an access point using hostapd directly instead of nmcli. I will also look at the armbian-config code. I will post the progress and maybe ask more. Thanx your prompt responses.
  4. Dear Igor, I tried to use armbian-config (as your link suggested) to create a Hotspot but it fails... I will try to capture the failures... But even it works, it doesn't solve my problem. What I want is to be able to create and destroy wireless access point programmatically and only on certain conditions.
  5. Thanx Igor... I will try your suggestion today... By the way, I researched more... Just for general knowledge for interested; wireless chip on Orange Pi Zero Plus 2 is AP6212 and it's kernel module on the mainline kernel is brcmfmac. The other module, dhd, is used on the sunxi-3.4 legacy kernel. For anybody interested: Another thing (to my surprise) nmcli worked on Raspberry Pi without needing any change...
  6. I am not experienced on the Linux networking so please tolerate my ignorance. 1.) I am trying to create an wireless access point on "Orange Pi Zero Plus 2 H3" board. And I fail... 2.) I am using Armbian image: Armbian_5.76_Orangepizeroplus2-h3_Ubuntu_xenial_next_4.19.21.img 3.) I am using nmcli for this purpose: nmcli con add type wifi ifname wlan0 con-name MyAccessPoint autoconnect yes ssid MyAccessPoint nmcli con modify MyAccessPoint 802-11-wireless.mode ap bg ipv4.method shared nmcli con modify MyAccessPoint wifi-sec.key-mgmt wpa-psk nmcli con modify MyAccessPoint wifi-sec.psk "1234567890" nmcli con up MyAccessPoint 4.) When I look at the syslog it fails like: May 22 08:24:52 localhost NetworkManager[738]: <info> [1558513492.3757] Config: added 'key_mgmt' value 'WPA-PSK' May 22 08:24:52 localhost NetworkManager[738]: <info> [1558513492.3758] Config: added 'psk' value '<omitted>' May 22 08:24:52 localhost NetworkManager[738]: <info> [1558513492.3794] sup-iface[0x2dd8d8,wlan0]: config: set interface ap_scan to 2 May 22 08:24:53 localhost wpa_supplicant[1099]: wlan0: Failed to start AP functionality May 22 08:24:53 localhost NetworkManager[738]: <info> [1558513493.4425] device (wlan0): supplicant interface state: inactive -> disconnected 5.) Failed to start AP functionality message is coming from ap.c in wpa_supplicant code: if ( wpa_drv_associate(wpa_s, &params) < 0) { wpa_msg(wpa_s, MSG_INFO, "Failed to start AP functionality"); return -1; } It seems the wpa_supplicant cannot match requested parameters with a wifi driver. 6.) I have read: 7.) When I do: echo 'options dhd op_mode=2' >/etc/modprobe.d/ap6212.conf rmmod dhd && modprobe dhd modeprobe complains: modprobe: FATAL: Module dhd not found in directory /lib/modules/4.19.21-sunxi 8. Lastly; What is "dhd module"? How can I enable it? How can I create a wireless access point? Regards...