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  1. @NicoD Thanks. I have watched quite a few of your reviews. I think you should do a video on "Best boards in entry level, mid and high budget". Will help new comers a lot I feel
  2. I was unable to find many reviews about the K1 plus but I will definitely look into it.. What is your experience regarding on board wifi on these boards (orange, banana or nano) in general? Reliable? Or better off with a usb dongle?
  3. Hello guys, I'm new to SBCs in general and would like to start tinkering around a bit. But am not able to find a central resource with reviews and such. So have decided to ask the question here (moderators please feel free to move the thread around) I am looking for a SBC in the 30 to 35 or upto 40$ price range with a bare minimum of the following : 1. 64bit SoC 2. Atleast 1 GB RAM (pref 2 GB) 3. Wifi on board (or are wifi dongles a better option?) 4. 1080p out by hdmi.. Preferably 4k.. I read enough to understand that manufacturers other than Raspberry