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  1. Yeah, since at first it was just refusing connections, it probably needed a simple UFW fix. But now it just won't boot, so I guess I'll have to begin from scratch...
  2. Hey guys, I installed Armbian some months ago in my Rock64 and I had never updated the packages. Yesterday I decided to do an apt update + apt upgrade to update one of the applications I use. I noticed that meanwhile apt updated Armbian itself, and began to ask for a reboot. A few hours later I rebooted the board. At first I couldn't connect due to connection refusal, so I went plugged a keyboard and hdmi on the board to see what was happening. It looks like while doing this I unplugged the power source suddenly, and now the board won't boot the system in this OS. No image or response in the USB keyboard. I thought it could be SD corruption, but I'm able to open the SD card in my Desktop and see its contents. Since I had a lot of tweaking in the old system, is there a way to copy some parts of a new image and paste in the SD, so I can boot it again? Or maybe reflash the SD with the latest armbian, then pasting some folders over it (maybe home and /var/lib at least)? Thanks for the advices.
  3. I just did this test and saw that the voltage is below 5V (around 4,4 and 4,6) when the Rock64 is using a USB2.0 HDD connected to its USB3.0 port (the only method that works until now, with bad write performance). Also, there's oscillation to under 4V, even if there's a small load. If the power supply were good we should see steady 5V or more, right? Can anyone point me to a legit power supply in Aliexpress? Or maybe some seller on ebay that ships to South America?
  4. From what I've heard, this USB 3.0 drive I have (650mA) consumes less than the 2.0 drive I'm using now (850mA). Developers say that the Rock64 outputs up to 950mA on the USB 3.0 port. Should be enough, so that's why I'm trying to test the power supply.
  5. Yes, I tried another external hdd. My USB 3.0 external HDD will mount on the USB 3, but will disconnect with load. It won't mount in the USB 2 port. My USB 2.0 external HDD will not work properly on the USB 2.0 port, but works in the USB 3.0 port (I'm using it now).
  6. A USB meter would be nice. Do I need to have a 3.0 USB meter to test a USB 3.0 port? The regular ones are quite cheap.
  7. Yeah, I just ordered one from ebay. I should make some tests soon. By the way, how to test undervoltage in a situation like this? Do I point the sticks at the USB port while the HDD is in use?
  8. I don't have one of those. I'll see if I can get my hands on one. Yes, it's powered with a 3,5mm barrel jack. Unfortunately I don't have a multimeter nor a USB-voltmeter. I'll try to buy these tools.
  9. Hey guys, I heard that the USB3 port of the Rock64 outputs up to 950mA. I have this external HD (WD My Passport), one of those 2,5'' external HDDs that are powered solely by the USB3 port. From what I've gathered, this should need no more than 650mA. But it doesn't work on the Rock64. After mounting the thing, if I try to write and read, it just disconnects with a bunch of dmesg errors. It makes a little click sound after the spinning builds up. Looks like there's not enough energy (it works fine on my desktop). How can I check and monitor the voltage and current delivered by the USB3.0 on the Rock64? My power supply is kind of generic, even though it says 5V 3A. The rpi shows a lightning icon right, but the Rock64 doesn't, so I can't be sure the power supply is at fault.
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