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  1. I went back to the 4.19-41-cubox kernel, instead of attempting insmod I added 'imxdrm' to '/etc/modules' and it works for me. thanks
  2. Thanks for the pointers regarding rolling back to 5.60, I was able to get the HDMI output back. I also attempted to use the steps provided by @InterAct for the newer kernel. These steps did not work for me. I noticed in 5.60 that both imxdrm and dw_hdmi_imx were loaded. Executing insmod on imxdrm.ko seems to work. However, if I attempt to execute insmod using the dw_hdmi-imx.ko file it fails with the following error: insmod: ERROR: could not insert module dw_hdmi-imx.ko: Unknown symbol in module Looking at the output from dmesg I see: