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  1. I have remake the procedures now the desktop is running
  2. Hello everyone. I have installed the Armbian Xenial Multimedia and desktop usage scenarios on my orange pi pc plus. Setup user and new password successfully. By using the command armbian-config I have solved my keyboard issue and language. Also network Lan0 is ok By typing sudo apt-get update and upgrade my orange is now updated succefully. But how to start the desktop ? I can only see the black screen with prompt command. If I reboot it , after all [ok] ...... I read Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS orangepipcplus tty1 login ...... Did I do some mistakes?
  3. I'm trying with usb dongle realtek 802.11n WLAN NIC . On the top of the desktop I open the Network Manager The list shows to me the two wifi network as client ready to connect to locals wifi nets I do 1- Create new wi.fi network 2- The window shows me the wi-fi adapter Realtek 802.11n WLAN NIC , it means exist 3- Network name " myWifi" 4- wi.fi security WEP 128 bit passphrase 5- Key "Mypassword12345" 6- I push the button create I get an error window Connection failure Failed to add new connection (1) Insufficient privileges Wha t I have to do , give some permission to some files ?
  4. tobiasBora ...... just only that? Not hostapd, not /etc/network/interfaces ....interfaces.hostapd .....not ?
  5. follow the martinayotte link It's the same I have used several months ago. Pratically the original library was written for raspberry pi . The library has an Arduino style , I mean for the name of the functions provided by it . Working with the I2C function you will find also something for the LCD in I2C If not you can arrange the orginal arduino Liquid_Cristal_I2C starting from the I2C native functione included in the wiringOP ciao
  6. I have also this usb dongle wifi https://www.aliexpress.com/af/wifi-alfa.html?ltype=wholesale&d=y&origin=n&isViewCP=y&catId=0&initiative_id=SB_20170205172538&SearchText=wifi+alfa&blanktest=0&tc=af but I don't know which driver to load
  7. I'm trying the new version of armbian for orange pi plus 2 . Is there some news to create an access point ? I saw there are some files and other files not Does someone could link to me some tutorial for the access point? I have several usb dongle wifi and wifi on chip After a lot of web sites I visited I'm not able to create an access point thanks
  8. Several months ago I was able to run AP on orange pi with armbian 5_10 , I followed the Igor .... The GPIO managed with WiringOP was for me excellent , my application runs a tcp server with several threads in C++ and other app in java for android was perfect to exchange continouslt datas between two systems. Sometimes when start orange pi some troubles but more or less was good . I cannot say it was stable and was not a commercial application . This week doesn't work and I have tried to use armbian 5_20 with onboard wifi and a couples of usb dongles wifi , but nothing . This week , I'm in holiday and i'd like to do something . The project is based on orange pi and android smart phone .Is a complex home building automation the project , low cost. I have also to design several cards for digital and analog I/O's . In this condition , time short and orange pi not stable I'm thinking to port the project to raspberry pi mod 3 . I saw a project called unipi which provides a raspy + I/O card , I can use it as HW + SW platform To have an AP allows me to develop tcp client-server technologies or web server . I have already installed apache2+phpmyadmin+mysql and php . I use the web server for other functions in my application . The problem is just the wifi , for the rest I'm satisfayed of armbian and orange pi HW. I think , before change hw , is better to try to install 8188eu driver and test .....but as Igor told me few days ago , in the armbian 5_20 some files are lost such as hostapd.conf or wpa_supplicant and I found some differences that I'm not able to solve . If someone is interested we can develop the system togheter
  9. you're right My job is engineer in automation , I just try to make something under linux , work time permitted ....
  10. pratically the projects are very low prices ....this is because I'm choosing the orange pi Anyway , it's a sin because the orange pi are very powerfull with ram , emmc and else I will follow the tutorial where explains how to install the driver 8188eu .....
  11. ok .... Can yo suggest me some of these boards that fancy mPCI slot ? I'm also looking for a couple of books to learn better linux based system for example "Embedded Linux Primer - A Practical Real-World Approach, 2Nd Edition " or "How Linux Works, 2nd Edition " and "Understanding Linux Network Internals " or "Linux Device Drivers, 3rd Edition" Do you think is enaugh to start ? Tnx !
  12. Do you think is better to change platform ? I mean forget orange pi and use an other mini pc such as raspy or else .... ? I have two projects stopped because they depends on the wifi ....
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