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  1. The wireless chipset should be an HS2734C, the one on the bottom left corner of the PCB. Attached you find a picture of my board and the file requested. Thanks for the support Update: also tried 'dtc -I fs -O dts device-tree-copy' but it ends in a Segmentation Fault :/ device-tree-copy.tar.gz
  2. Succesfully booted Armbian_5.82_Rk3328-tv_Ubuntu_bionic_default_4.4.154_desktop_20190427 on my HK1 MAX (rebranded H96 MAX Plus). I used rk3328-t9.dtb and edited the extlinux.conf file accordingly. The only things that doesn't work are Bluetooth and WiFi. Is there a way to fix these? Thanks in advance
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