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  1. Hi, seems today update fix it (but not that logging level) but it is somehow odd, normaly I use template for checking disks in linux by mountpoint name "SNMP-/", it works for all linux machines here and it works for Armbian before that update, now after today update I see OIDs back but that SNMP template by mountpoint name doesn't work, I must change it for OPIs to "check by mountpoint ID" (31) to get storage data. after update: before update: /Tomi
  2. Hi, seems after some system updates SNMP stop reporting data about storage (size/used). It happen on 2x Orange PI One and on one Orange PI PC2. Actually in monitor what I use for SNMP monitoring I see last valid data was there at 05/09. I think at this time I update all boards and as I remmember there was also some update for snmpd. Can anyone confirm this problem ? And when we talk about SNMP, what is best way to change default logging level for SNMP ? Seems changing in /etc/default/snmpd doesnt have effect and after last update I must again edit files in /lib/systemd to stop that annoying flood in log from SNMP. OPI PC2 - 4.19.63-sunxi64 #5.92 SMP Fri Aug 2 00:18:27 CEST 2019 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux OPI One - 4.19.62-sunxi #5.92 SMP Wed Jul 31 22:07:23 CEST 2019 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux /Tomi
  3. Found a reason, maybe it help to someone: in Putty config : 'Connection > Data > 'Terminal-type string' write 'putty' instead of 'xterm' I not have idea how this was changed in my case but if fix that. /Tomi
  4. Hi, have anybody idea what can cause this garbage layout in armbian-config ? It works fine but seems after install some things (I cannot tell what exact, I not use armbian-config often) I get this: (similar garbage menus I have in config tool used in oscam source) Thanks for any help /Tomi UPDATE: I connect monitor via HDMI and on monitor it looks perfectly, then seems this is problem of ssh/putty...but where?
  5. Hi, can anybody help me adapt this overlay to H5 cpu (Pi PC2) ? I experiment myself and make this workable for DS3231 but it is still registered as RTC1. I change: - rtc0 = "/soc@01c00000/i2c@01c2b400/ds3231@68"; to rtc0 = "/soc@01c00000/i2c@01c2b000/ds3231@68"; ( I2C0 = i2c@01c2b000 ) - target = <&i2c1>; to target = <&i2c0>; As I said, it works, it register DS3231 at boot and it works include HWMON but it is still as RTC1. Have anybody idea how to set it and replace RTC0 ? (RTC0 on H5 is on 1f00000) And can anybody explain me a bit what is meaning with addresses "/soc@01c00000/rtc@01c20d00" ? Kernel: 4.19.38-sunxi64 #5.86 SMP Thanks /Tomi