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  1. My aim is to have the Armbian system on the eMMC-storage and boot from it and use the SD-Card as a big data storage, to have it all in the case (no external HDD, no USB-drive). The partition on the card should be formatted with NTFS or EXT4. So I installed the Armbian 5.10 just via the nand-sata-install script on eMMC of my Orange Pi Plus, but didn't used the U-boot file provided by lonix . So, am i right in saying, that with a inserted and completely NTFS-formatted SD-Card (and the system on eMMC) the Orange Pi Plus, doesn't boot or reboot because it needs the bootloader on it? An this is because of the hardware and can't be handled by pressing the U-boot button (SW 3) or something else? And can someone explain, what's the difference between just installing it with the nand-sata-install scrip and using the U-boot file provided by lonix before using the script?