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  1. vsc and atom are written by using electron, a sort of browser application. The only way to develop is by using simple text editors. 2GB of ram are not enought for a real IDE, better if you change machine...
  2. not bad but 280€ + 30€ shipping is a little too close to an x86 custom machine + case...
  3. firewall with graphical interface on desktop or by using web service?
  4. at the end I've chosen opi one h3 512MB and opi zero plus h5 512MB, thank you to everybody :-)
  5. helios is a great pruduct and this one seems very interesting but with 200€ you can buy some interesting solution based on x86 board...
  6. the deal seemes to be finished. I'm not able to find any other pi zero h5+eth...
  7. what about temperature? any throttle issue with this board?
  8. By cheap I mean under 20$, absolutely not over 25$...
  9. I see, so if I want to use a dongle the best choice is Orange Pi One?
  10. I'm already using boards like banana pi r1, olimex a10 and raspberry pi3. I just want a small board to use like web server with eth and wl, tiny and cheap...
  11. thank you, any idea for a complete solution with also wifi on board?
  12. Hi, I'm looking for a tiny board with eth and wireless. My first choice is Orange Pi Zero but I'm worried about thermal issue. Any cheap alternative?
  13. new version available? http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index.php/NanoPi_M4V2
  14. PCIE 2.0 slot without gigabit eth and usb3 is quite useless imho...